20 Mar
Deer body along with the
tarp covered target

I recently stumbled upon an “out of this world” target. However, this isn’t your ordinary target with a bulls-eye in the middle; no it’s a target that is designed to cover 3-D figures such as a fake deer, goat or even bighorns! But I think it’s really meant for rookies like me to actually feel like I just finished a successful hunt.

For all you archers out there, get ready to tear it up!! This tarp also plays as a more “realistic” bulls eye in comparison to hunting an animal like a deer. Draw in all the “sweet spots” with something as simple as a Sharpie marker and see how consistent your shot really is!

Cover up tarp to protect targets

Some advantages of this innovative invention are that it keeps your archery targets safe from wind, rain, snow, sun and even rutting bucks(for those who don’t know what that means, Deer who looking to mate)! Also, the cover is quick to install because all you have to do is simply throw the tarp on top of the target due to its similarity to a poncho! The cords that are

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