13 Jun

In the midst of all the hype in “Sin City” lies a newly developed gun store that offers the widest variety of activities that have to do with firearms and tactical shooting. The “Shooting in the Dark” VIP package offers new adventures and scenarios through use of military tech like tactical flashlights, lasers and night vision. The heart-pounding suspense provoked by the environment and the speed in which everything happens truly provides tourists with an opportunity to feel what a soldier or professional hunter goes through at night during his or her missions.

In dark situations, night vision accessories like binoculars, night vision scopes, etc. provide a significant advantage in any scenario. For example, the Bushnell Night Vision 2.5×42 Binoculars are a very affordable, durable and exceptional piece of equipment often used by hunters who wish to look for animals at night. This binocular is equally important for military personal when they need to detect a distant target in low light conditions. The rapid movement allowed for the person using the scopes provides a very large advantage in terms of detecting any target at night. The best part about these binoculars is that they provide a clear image …

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24 Apr

WOW!!! I cannot help but spread the word about this incredible unmanned-aircraft which the US Military is beginning to repeatedly test. The “DARPA Hyper-Sonic Glider,” as the US Military calls it, reached speeds of up to 13,000 mph in the sky! At that speed, the glide-bomber also reaches dangerous temperatures like 3,500 degrees Fahrenheit! That is one hot piece of metal! To put it into perspective, the same temperature is attained by NASA’s space shuttles as they re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere! The heat was so overwhelming that the metal “skin” protecting the vehicle literally peeled off the body of the plane!

Side-view of the Millett
LRS-1 Riflescope

The long-range glide-bomber immediately reminded me of the Millett 6-25x56mm LRS-1 Riflescope because of its ability to hit any target with great precision at any distance. This massively built Riflescope has a one-piece 35mm tube that perfectly fits on any heavy, hard-hitting, large caliber rifles. Also, the LRS-1 delivers superior brightness and outstanding repeatable accurateness. Many hunters and marksmen use the Riflescope world-wide due to its astonishing accurateness at distances of up to 1,000 yards. Lastly, with the help of the 140 MOA adjustment, the LRS-1 easily assists any gunmen with “zoning in …

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29 Mar

For all you Call of Duty players out there, have you ever wondered what kind of scopes the guns actually use? Well me too! The only difference is that I just found out what kind it is; in fact, it’s called the Leupold Mark 4 HAMR Rifle Scope. It’s actually pretty neat! It has a Red Dot Sight on the top for all of your close-quarters combat, but it also has an effective rifle scope for people who like to shoot from a distance.

Picture of the scope, notice the RDS on top of the scope.

The scope’s designed to provide the best resolution in mid to close-range combat due to its medium range magnification. Also, each scope is designed with withstand any kind of water entry or interior fogging, resulting in a consistently clear view. In addition, the two DiamondCoat lens coatings provide scratch-resistant exterior lens surfaces. Lastly, due to the universal reticle, almost any gun can equip the Leupold Mark 4 HAMR Rifle Scope to eliminate any opposing targets.

Just a side-note, the multi-range perk provides different distances in which the scope can view its enemies; therefore, enabling the variable zoom to come into play. The Variable …

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