13 Jun

In the midst of all the hype in “Sin City” lies a newly developed gun store that offers the widest variety of activities that have to do with firearms and tactical shooting. The “Shooting in the Dark” VIP package offers new adventures and scenarios through use of military tech like tactical flashlights, lasers and night vision. The heart-pounding suspense provoked by the environment and the speed in which everything happens truly provides tourists with an opportunity to feel what a soldier or professional hunter goes through at night during his or her missions.

In dark situations, night vision accessories like binoculars, night vision scopes, etc. provide a significant advantage in any scenario. For example, the Bushnell Night Vision 2.5×42 Binoculars are a very affordable, durable and exceptional piece of equipment often used by hunters who wish to look for animals at night. This binocular is equally important for military personal when they need to detect a distant target in low light conditions. The rapid movement allowed for the person using the scopes provides a very large advantage in terms of detecting any target at night. The best part about these binoculars is that they provide a clear image …

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01 Mar

Hi, I’m Alec and I’m a new blogger here at Tactical-Store! Today I discovered this extraordinary article on the advantages and ethics behind enhancing the human brain for combat purposes. Sounds like some technologies from the movie Gamer aren’t as far out as most people think.

Can you imagine being able to move around and function as quickly and accurately as a robot?! It sounds so futuristic to me! Think about how long it takes your brain’s signals to travel to different parts of your body and being completely disregarded for. It would make movement in body armors such as the Hatch ExoTech Elbow Forearm EFP150 comparable to taking candy from a baby!! How cool would it be if you could react in a battlefield in something as heavy as bulletproof armor as fast as, let’s say, an Olympic sprinter?! I think it’d be pretty cool.

Consider this also: if a soldier is fighting for an entire day and the sun sets, he or she won’t want to put their gun down to activate their night vision goggles without the risk of losing his or her life. Imagine if the military decided to add a computer interface to a …

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14 Feb

I feel like I don’t give you guys enough videos, and that’s a shame. I did post a few videos from our SHOT Show blog, GearExpert, but we actually make a ton of other videos for our parent site OpticsPlanet.com. Two videos that we just released are for a couple of our favorite products. They’re both night vision devices, and have a ton of great features to make you more successful in the dark.

Up top we have the Yukon NVMT Night Vision Monocular. Trevor takes you through the great features on this night vision device, and I am really impressed by the ideas Yukon came up with to help out their customers. It isn’t just the quality of the image. Sure, that’s amazing. But the little things matter a lot too, so seeing the little slot to hold the lens cap is really cool.

Another great thing about this Yukon Night Vision Monocular is the IR illuminator. As Trevor points out, it’s actually better to have at least some ambient light from stars, but sometimes there’s so little light that even a great night vision device isn’t going to see much. That’s where the IR …

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01 Feb

I thought I’d give you guys a taste of our full coverage from SHOT Show 2012. One of our video interviews is with ATN. Our Trevor Bending talks with ATN’s Steve Lemenov about the new night vision gear and thermal imaging that ATN will be bringing to you this year!

Probably my favorite part of the video is when Steve shows Trevor the new ATN ThOR Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope that’ll be available soon. We did just recently get in the ATN ThOR320 Digital Thermal Imager Scope, which is not only incredibly tough, but also gives you a great image. It’s an amazing piece of technology.

Check out the video below, and head over to GearExpert.com to see a whole bunch more videos from SHOT Show. We spoke with Bushnell, EOTech, Burris and more, and you will NOT want to miss it!…

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