14 Feb

I feel like I don’t give you guys enough videos, and that’s a shame. I did post a few videos from our SHOT Show blog, GearExpert, but we actually make a ton of other videos for our parent site OpticsPlanet.com. Two videos that we just released are for a couple of our favorite products. They’re both night vision devices, and have a ton of great features to make you more successful in the dark.

Up top we have the Yukon NVMT Night Vision Monocular. Trevor takes you through the great features on this night vision device, and I am really impressed by the ideas Yukon came up with to help out their customers. It isn’t just the quality of the image. Sure, that’s amazing. But the little things matter a lot too, so seeing the little slot to hold the lens cap is really cool.

Another great thing about this Yukon Night Vision Monocular is the IR illuminator. As Trevor points out, it’s actually better to have at least some ambient light from stars, but sometimes there’s so little light that even a great night vision device isn’t going to see much. That’s where the IR …

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