24 Apr

WOW!!! I cannot help but spread the word about this incredible unmanned-aircraft which the US Military is beginning to repeatedly test. The “DARPA Hyper-Sonic Glider,” as the US Military calls it, reached speeds of up to 13,000 mph in the sky! At that speed, the glide-bomber also reaches dangerous temperatures like 3,500 degrees Fahrenheit! That is one hot piece of metal! To put it into perspective, the same temperature is attained by NASA’s space shuttles as they re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere! The heat was so overwhelming that the metal “skin” protecting the vehicle literally peeled off the body of the plane!

Side-view of the Millett
LRS-1 Riflescope

The long-range glide-bomber immediately reminded me of the Millett 6-25x56mm LRS-1 Riflescope because of its ability to hit any target with great precision at any distance. This massively built Riflescope has a one-piece 35mm tube that perfectly fits on any heavy, hard-hitting, large caliber rifles. Also, the LRS-1 delivers superior brightness and outstanding repeatable accurateness. Many hunters and marksmen use the Riflescope world-wide due to its astonishing accurateness at distances of up to 1,000 yards. Lastly, with the help of the 140 MOA adjustment, the LRS-1 easily assists any gunmen with “zoning in …

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