10 Mar

Richard Hammond, what a guy! He immigrated from Britain to the US and recently started his own American TV show called Richard Hammond’s Crash Course, presented only on BBC America. In the show, he performs crazy stunts such as running over a car with the U.S. Army’s M1A2 main battle tank!! Yes, a tank!! That’s remarkable if you ask me.

The US Ballistic Tactical Combat Helmet

As part of the safety procedure, Hammond is required to wear military apparel that soldiers would use in real-life combat- including a helmet, military belt, boots, etc. A helmet similar to the one used on the show is the US PASGT Ballistic Tactical Combat Helmet because of its great design that delivers maximum protection, comfort, and maneuverability for any soldier. Specifically cut and shaped around the ears, the US PASGT Tactical Helmet offers optimal hearing so that drivers will not be disadvantaged in hostile engagements. This greatly benefits soldiers’ communication because being able to hear an ally may save their life one day.

Blackhawk Desert Op Boots

In addition, Hammond wore BlackHawk Warrior Wear Desert Ops Boots because they are the fastest, lightest, and most comfortable desert …

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01 Mar

Hi, I’m Alec and I’m a new blogger here at Tactical-Store! Today I discovered this extraordinary article on the advantages and ethics behind enhancing the human brain for combat purposes. Sounds like some technologies from the movie Gamer aren’t as far out as most people think.

Can you imagine being able to move around and function as quickly and accurately as a robot?! It sounds so futuristic to me! Think about how long it takes your brain’s signals to travel to different parts of your body and being completely disregarded for. It would make movement in body armors such as the Hatch ExoTech Elbow Forearm EFP150 comparable to taking candy from a baby!! How cool would it be if you could react in a battlefield in something as heavy as bulletproof armor as fast as, let’s say, an Olympic sprinter?! I think it’d be pretty cool.

Consider this also: if a soldier is fighting for an entire day and the sun sets, he or she won’t want to put their gun down to activate their night vision goggles without the risk of losing his or her life. Imagine if the military decided to add a computer interface to a …

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22 Feb

I just read a post about a new way the military is hoping to confuse enemies during battle. We’ve used camouflage to hide our troops for a long time, and counter-intelligence is pretty common. Heck, you can go back to the Trojan Horse to find ways armies have tricked enemies to give them a tactical advantage in battle.

The new plan is to bring a bit of magic to the battlefield. Using auditory and visual hallucinations, the military hopes to confuse enemies. It might be similar to current tech used to trick radar, or that tank with thermal imaging camouflage that I wrote about a few months back. If we need to get out troops or support vehicles somewhere without conflict, tricking the enemy that either no one is there, or evading them could actually save lives and prevent further battles.

Think about it. Currently, the US Military is really powerful. No army is going to attack us when our full forces are brought into play. Gorilla warfare tactics are likely going to be much more successful. So they’d attack when we’re en route. “Divide and conquer,” right?

Well, say they can’t find us until we’re …

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