22 Feb

I just read a post about a new way the military is hoping to confuse enemies during battle. We’ve used camouflage to hide our troops for a long time, and counter-intelligence is pretty common. Heck, you can go back to the Trojan Horse to find ways armies have tricked enemies to give them a tactical advantage in battle.

The new plan is to bring a bit of magic to the battlefield. Using auditory and visual hallucinations, the military hopes to confuse enemies. It might be similar to current tech used to trick radar, or that tank with thermal imaging camouflage that I wrote about a few months back. If we need to get out troops or support vehicles somewhere without conflict, tricking the enemy that either no one is there, or evading them could actually save lives and prevent further battles.

Think about it. Currently, the US Military is really powerful. No army is going to attack us when our full forces are brought into play. Gorilla warfare tactics are likely going to be much more successful. So they’d attack when we’re en route. “Divide and conquer,” right?

Well, say they can’t find us until we’re …

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