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04 Sep

I am a victim, I tell you…

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You’re probably not going to feel sorry for me, but the biggest issue I face here is having all this cool stuff in front of me 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.  If it’s not something I’m researching to answer a customer’s question, someone from purchasing or marketing brings something up that leads me straight to another item that I didn’t realize I needed until that moment.   It’s hell, let me tell you.

For example, Hogue entered the field of knives, and we, being a Hogue retailer, added them to our site.  I received the notification from purchasing, and I looked them up online.

Dang, that’s one nice looking knife!  I have a thing for drop-point fixed blades, and the photos of the Hogue EX-F01 made me all tingly.  Made in the U.S.A, too.  Because I have the strength of ten men, because my heart is pure (cough) I was able to shake it off and go on about my business here.

First I received a spec sheet.  Just a single page.  With a photo.  A color photo.  The seed that had been planted by looking at the Hogue website had now germinated.

Shortly thereafter, we received …

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