30 Dec

My All-Time Favorite Weapon Light

Posted by Jeremy L on

I’ll be the first to admit that i’m exposed to a ton of new tactical gadgetry almost on a weekly basis. After all these years, there’s only one weapon light that has withstood a hell of a beating and lived to fight another day.

streamlight tlr2

Now contrary to what a few industry authorities try to make you believe, lasers actually work very well at hitting your mark in the night. How do i know? Over this past Halloween, I took a trip down Texas to shoot the 2014 Walking Dead Multigun match. The event took place from 5pm till 5am and everything was shot in the dark. Needless to say , I had the Streamlight TLR2 on every one of my guns.


streamlight tlr2 2


While i’m not kicking in doors as an LEO or in the military, this light was more than capable of handling my 24 hour onslaught of wipping my rifle, pistol and shotgun into barrels and banging into pretty much everything else.


streamlight tlr2-3


Sure I could talk about all of the complex specifics of what makes this an outstanding choice for a weaponlight but i’m not going to do that. What I can tell you is that it did what I needed it to do every time I flipped the rear rocker switch and was plenty bright for slaying zombies all night in Texas, so it’ll definitely get the job done for you too.



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