05 Jun

Streamlight TLR-4G Greatness!

Posted by Jeremy L on

I know from experience that having a light on your weapon is a complete and total game changer in no light or low light conditions. I’ve been lucky enough to never have fired at anyone but close calls have reinforced my strong preference for a weapon light. With all things considered: budget, size, weight and quality, the only clear choice for me was a Streamlight TLR series light. If you’ve read my other posts, then you know I’m a fan of having options and adding a green laser sight to an already amazing weapon light is about as good as it gets.


The Streamlight TLR-4G in all fairness is a Streamlight TLR-3 with a ultra bright green laser sight slapped on the bottom. What is nice about this is that you have the same easy to operate light and nearly bulletproof housing but you also get the added advantage of a laser. The addition of the laser only adds a slight bulge under the light and mere grams to the already lightweight package.


Why should you have a laser and why a green one at that? Many people fail to realize the pure fact that when it comes time for you to actually use your weapon in a defensive role that you skills will severely diminish. This means that sure you may be the coolest cat at the range, shooting tight groups like no mans business but soon as the stuff hits the fan, all of those fine motor skills will go right out the window. What I like about a laser is that it simplifies target acquisition. You point the laser at what you want to shoot and pull the trigger. The reason why I like green lasers over red is that in day time conditions the red doesn’t show up as well as green and my eye seems to pick up the green dot much better.





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