29 Mar

For all you Call of Duty players out there, have you ever wondered what kind of scopes the guns actually use? Well me too! The only difference is that I just found out what kind it is; in fact, it’s called the Leupold Mark 4 HAMR Rifle Scope. It’s actually pretty neat! It has a Red Dot Sight on the top for all of your close-quarters combat, but it also has an effective rifle scope for people who like to shoot from a distance.

Picture of the scope, notice the RDS on top of the scope.

The scope’s designed to provide the best resolution in mid to close-range combat due to its medium range magnification. Also, each scope is designed with withstand any kind of water entry or interior fogging, resulting in a consistently clear view. In addition, the two DiamondCoat lens coatings provide scratch-resistant exterior lens surfaces. Lastly, due to the universal reticle, almost any gun can equip the Leupold Mark 4 HAMR Rifle Scope to eliminate any opposing targets.

Just a side-note, the multi-range perk provides different distances in which the scope can view its enemies; therefore, enabling the variable zoom to come into play. The Variable …

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20 Mar
Deer body along with the
tarp covered target

I recently stumbled upon an “out of this world” target. However, this isn’t your ordinary target with a bulls-eye in the middle; no it’s a target that is designed to cover 3-D figures such as a fake deer, goat or even bighorns! But I think it’s really meant for rookies like me to actually feel like I just finished a successful hunt.

For all you archers out there, get ready to tear it up!! This tarp also plays as a more “realistic” bulls eye in comparison to hunting an animal like a deer. Draw in all the “sweet spots” with something as simple as a Sharpie marker and see how consistent your shot really is!

Cover up tarp to protect targets

Some advantages of this innovative invention are that it keeps your archery targets safe from wind, rain, snow, sun and even rutting bucks(for those who don’t know what that means, Deer who looking to mate)! Also, the cover is quick to install because all you have to do is simply throw the tarp on top of the target due to its similarity to a poncho! The cords that are

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10 Mar

Richard Hammond, what a guy! He immigrated from Britain to the US and recently started his own American TV show called Richard Hammond’s Crash Course, presented only on BBC America. In the show, he performs crazy stunts such as running over a car with the U.S. Army’s M1A2 main battle tank!! Yes, a tank!! That’s remarkable if you ask me.

The US Ballistic Tactical Combat Helmet

As part of the safety procedure, Hammond is required to wear military apparel that soldiers would use in real-life combat- including a helmet, military belt, boots, etc. A helmet similar to the one used on the show is the US PASGT Ballistic Tactical Combat Helmet because of its great design that delivers maximum protection, comfort, and maneuverability for any soldier. Specifically cut and shaped around the ears, the US PASGT Tactical Helmet offers optimal hearing so that drivers will not be disadvantaged in hostile engagements. This greatly benefits soldiers’ communication because being able to hear an ally may save their life one day.

Blackhawk Desert Op Boots

In addition, Hammond wore BlackHawk Warrior Wear Desert Ops Boots because they are the fastest, lightest, and most comfortable desert …

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01 Mar

Hi, I’m Alec and I’m a new blogger here at Tactical-Store! Today I discovered this extraordinary article on the advantages and ethics behind enhancing the human brain for combat purposes. Sounds like some technologies from the movie Gamer aren’t as far out as most people think.

Can you imagine being able to move around and function as quickly and accurately as a robot?! It sounds so futuristic to me! Think about how long it takes your brain’s signals to travel to different parts of your body and being completely disregarded for. It would make movement in body armors such as the Hatch ExoTech Elbow Forearm EFP150 comparable to taking candy from a baby!! How cool would it be if you could react in a battlefield in something as heavy as bulletproof armor as fast as, let’s say, an Olympic sprinter?! I think it’d be pretty cool.

Consider this also: if a soldier is fighting for an entire day and the sun sets, he or she won’t want to put their gun down to activate their night vision goggles without the risk of losing his or her life. Imagine if the military decided to add a computer interface to a …

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