25 Jan

We’re doing our full coverage of SHOT Show 2012 over on GearExpert.com, and the videos are really starting to roll out now. We saw a TON of awesome new products this year from our favorite brands like Trijicon, Bushnell, Burris and Mission First Tactical.

In fact, we JUST posted a new video covering the cool new gear by Mission First Tactical. They have some great new gun grips, flashlight grips, quad rails and more. They really impressed us this year. Cool stuff.

But for me, the coolest thing about this year’s SHOT Show was the emphasis on zombies. There was so much zombie gear that next year they should change the name to ZHOT Show.

Okay, probably not, but it was a really undead-focused show this year. Leupold had a cool zombie riflescope, there was some neat zombie ammo, and there was an AR15 with a chainsaw bayonet attached specifically for zombie slaying!

But there was an extra special zombie gun sight this year, and it comes to us from EOTech. Let’s be clear: EOTech is awesome. Actually, REALLY awesome. They make some of the best red dot sights in the world, which …

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17 Jan

The Superbowl is coming for football fans, but firearms, hunting and shooting enthusiasts have their Superbowl right now with SHOT Show!

This annual expo is held in Las Vegas and finds all the top brands of firearm manufacturers, as well as those who develop anything related to shooting or hunting, coming out in force with their latest advancements to make a big splash.

Tactical-Store is part of OpticsPlanet Inc., and we’ve sent about 2 dozen members of our family out to SHOT Show this year to bring you all the latest from your favorite brands! You can read our coverage as it happens on our new blog GearExpert.com. Everyday we have LIVE updates from SHOT Show, and our team is conducting video interviews and getting hands on with products from EOTech, Streamlight, Trijicon and more!

I’ve already seen some of the new products on display, and they are truly outstanding. I wish I could be there in person, but I’m also happy to be receiving news and bringing it to all of you! Checkout GearExpert.com right now because we have exclusive video, pictures and info that you won’t find anywhere else!

What …

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11 Jan

Victorinox is always impressing me. Most of their products on Tactical Store are Tactical Knives with multiple tools and lots of great features, but Victorinox Knives are about more than just blades.

They also have some amazing high tech tools to help you carry more than just multiple blades. Some of their products also have solid state jump drives to all you to bring all the digital data you need for a presentation or project in a small package. We have a handful of these multi-tools with flash drives, such as the Victorinox Swiss Army Presentation Master, which combines a laser pointer, scissors, ball point pen, blade, key ring, nail file and screwdriver with a flash drive. It’s a fantastic way to keep a number of different tools close at hand while also carrying your valuable files.

But Victorinox hasn’t stopped pushing their tech forward. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), they showcased their latest Swiss Army Knife, and this one really impressed. Fitting in the palm of your hand, the latest Victorinox Swiss Army Knife has a solid State Drive that can hold up to 1 Terabyte of information. That’s a monstrous drive! The Presentation Master

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06 Jan

I just wrote a few days ago about a guy who used his iPhone to get out of a jam. He’d gotten lost in the woods, so he called the sheriff, and when the helicopter circled overhead he used the flash on the camera to signal his location.

Well, today I came across a video on YouTube of a guy putting his iPhone through some excessive abuse. This smartphone may have a great flashlight, a decent built-in GPS Device and tons of other cool features, but is it tough? Since tough is subjective, instead let’s ask if it’s tactically tough?

If you check out our tactical flashlights you’ll find a number of options that can stand up to incredible punishment. Maybe not the .50 caliber bullets the iPhone is shot with, but many of these flashlights double as a last-line of defense weapon, so they can be banged around quite a bit and still work perfectly.

For example, check out the Surefire E2DL LED Defender Flashlight. This super strong flashlight is made of aerospace-grade aluminum and has a crenelated strike bezel that was designed to be used as a defensive weapon.

I think the …

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03 Jan

A hiker in Maryland on New Year’s Eve almost had a bad end to the year, but was saved by his cell phone.

Along with his trusted dog, a man was hiking through Gambrill State Park on Saturday when he got lost. As he was pretty far from civilization, the man took out his iPhone and tried to use the map app to find where he was going but had trouble getting an accurate reading. These GPS phones are great for finding your way along a number of city streets, but away from cell phone towers they become less and less reliable.

A good GPS device, such as the Bushnell BackTrack Personal Locator, would have been a far better option for finding his way home. I like it for hiking and hunting because you can mark a location, such as your car or home, and it will guide you back with an easy to read arrow. The GPS on an iPhone (which I have and love, BTW) is not the best bet for nature walks.

Once the man had crossed the same stream for the fourth time it became apparent that he was lost, so he called 911 …

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