30 Dec

I just read an article about a new Military Drone that has a crazy cool camera. The A160 Hummingbird robo-drone has a handful of new features that will set it apart, and most likely set it above the currently used Predator Drones.

The first new feature is that, unlike the Predator, the Hummingbird doesn’t fly like a plane, but is rather rotor based, so it is closer in operation to a helicopter. This will give soldiers greater control of the drone, and allow for more detailed viewing of certain parts of the terrain.

But that’s not the part that caught my eye. The Hummingbird Drone has a suped up camera that will give far greater resolution. The 1.8-gigapixel camera (yeah, I said GIGApixel) will allow the drone to scan an area of 25 square miles from altitudes up to 20,000 feet. That’s a little under 4 miles up!

Soldiers on the ground will be able to download images and video in real time. This should give them far greater situational awareness and allow them to make more informed choices on the battlefield.

To put that 1.8-gigapixel camera in perspective, the latest smartphones might have a camera …

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23 Dec

Let’s be real for a moment. There’s a lot of upheaval in our country because of the economy, health care, immigration and more. I don’t really get into politics here on the Tactical Store Blog for anything outside of guns, riflescopes, tactical flashlights and other duty gear that’ll keep you safe and secure on duty or the battlefield, but when you think about ensuring your economic stability, there may be a gun related way of investing.

And no, I don’t mean robbing banks.

There are a number of people, including current GOP Presidential Candidate Ron Paul, who believe that investing in gold is a good way to keep yourself ahead of inflation. He may or may not be right, but there’s another possibility: ammo. The graphic below comes from Ammo.net, and it’s a pretty cool way of seeing that investing in ammo may be as good an idea as gold.

I don’t want to just reiterate everything from the graphic, but it shows that ammo has risen in value fairly steadily over the years. More and more people are applying for gun licenses, and the need for ammo will likely never go away.

Please note that I’m not …

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20 Dec

As it’s National Flashlight Day, we’re running a special deal on one of our best flashlights! The Coast MT7 LED Lenser is a favorite around the Tactical-Store offices because of its versatile uses, tough body, and super bright LED light. To make it even more attractive, the MT7 Lenser uses 4 AAA batteries, which most of us have around the house!

For National Flashlight Day we’re offering a 15% off coupon for the Coast MT7 Lenser. The coupon code is 9a647be, and it’s only good for today on our parent site OpticsPlanet, so be sure to use it right away.

I realize that seeing is believing, so take a look at the OpticsPlanet video below. Alex and Alessandro will take you though the various modes and features of the Coast MT7 Flashlight.…

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16 Dec

I just came across this video on Youtube showing a custom made gun with .700 caliber bullets. They call it a dinosaur hunter, so the next time you have a T-Rex come after your dog you can take it down with this sucker. I’m posting the video at the bottom, and it’s definitely worth a watch, but make sure you have headphones on, because the sound from this gun is extraordinary.

Watching the massive gun video got me thinking about what type of rifle scope you’d want on your dinosaur hunting gun.

At first I considered a red dot sight, since you’d want quick target acquisition, but those are for closer range shots, and I think I’d notice a Tyrannosaurus Rex before it was right in front of me.

As I’m a big fan of Leupold, I looked through some of their newest scopes, and the Leupold Patrol VX-R 3-9X40 Illuminated Riflescope caught my eye. It has a number of great features that should make it perfect for hunting dinosaurs.

First, it’s tough. Like all Leupold Optics, you can count on the scope to stand up to the rigors of hunting, with recoil and …

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13 Dec

We talk quite a lot about various products and new technology that comes to our store that helps soldiers, police officers and hunters be more effective in the field. We have rifle scopes that help you hit targets at farther distances, night vision devices that help you see in any situation and GPS devices that let you see just where you are. These are all great battlefield tools and enhance the effectiveness of a soldier, but I don’t write very often about saving lives, and that’s what I’d like to do today.

There are a great number of ways to help save lives in war. I know that General Patton (I have to paraphrase, this is a kid-friendly site) said, “No soldier ever won a war by dieing on the battlefield. He won the war by making the enemy die on the battlefield.” So, based on this logic, one way to keep safe is to make sure you don’t have any enemies.

But sometimes you or one of your buddies gets hurt, and you have to make sure you’re capable of handling the situation. A good first aid kit that is properly stocked is an absolute necessity. You need gauze

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07 Dec

One of our resident product specialists, George Poulos, has just finished a fantastic new video on the Bianchi 83 Paddlelok Holster. I embedded the video below, and you can see him take you through some of the fantastic features of the holster and why it’s such a great option.

There are a number of reasons you should choose the 83 Paddlelok. It’s an easy to use holster, with an open top for a sure grip on the gun when you draw. As it’s a paddle holster it’s no problem to quickly take the holster and gun out of your pants when you no longer need it. The draw is super smooth and natural with a simple mechanism for retention that is pressed by your middle finger in the same motion as your normal draw.

The 83 Holster is a fantastic Bianchi Concealed Carry option. Bianchi has been making great holsters for nearly 50 years, and they’ve always been focused on quality options for police officers, as founder John Bianchi was a cop when he made his first holster.

Of course, no matter how much I say about the Bianchi 83 Paddlelok Holster I’m sure you’ll get a …

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05 Dec

Most of us own a cell phone or radio communications device of some sort, and without question we’ve all been affected by such a tool in our lives. Imagine a battlefield where commanders are unable to quickly relay orders to their subordinates. Imagine police officers unable to coordinate their efforts to capture a criminal. There was a time when this was the norm, and enemies of freedom and justice prevailed more often than today.

So without question, communication effects us all quite a bit, but while we take many of these tools for granted, do you ever wonder where the technological innovations in radios came from?

There is some debate as to who should be credited with truly inventing the radio, with Guglielmo Marconi and Nikola Tesla the most likely candidates, although their work came as a result of building upon the discoveries and advancements of earlier inventors, so regardless of who is the most important, each man contributed to the technology.

While there are a number of men recognized for their contributions to radio technology, there are few women who have received any credit. But one woman has gained a little more notoriety for her contribution. I …

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