31 Oct
I think we can all agree that the zombie apocalypse will eventually happen. The signs are all there. Whether the cause of said apocalypse is a disease, extra-terrestrial, supernatural or some other currently unforeseen possibility, it’ll likely happen. We’ve already written about customizing your gun for the zombie apocalypse, and we have natural disaster preparation kit videos, but there’s a county in Ohio who has taken this looming threat far more seriously.

Today, Delaware County did a test run for their emergency responders in a zombie apocalypse. The fun of the event, and the fact that it was on Halloween, caused over 200 people to show up dressed up as zombies to help simulate the apocalypse.

While the official reason for the drill was to help train first responders on what to do in the event of a hazardous materials disaster, which would call for very similar necessary equipment to what is needed in a zombie outbreak, I believe it was a true test run for what happens when the dead walk.

The idea for the drill came from a May blog post on the official CDC website that warned of preparing for zombies, as good

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27 Oct
As my favorite holiday, Halloween, is almost upon us, I thought I’d share some of the coolest stuff we have that would be great for some spooky dress-up fun.

Since putting together your Halloween costume is half the fun, we have a bunch of cool items for various costume ideas. If you want to look like a deranged prisoner who likes to try biting at victims, or possibly as a tamed zombie, I suggest using a Safariland Tranzport Hood. It was designed to protect guards and other prison officials from potentially dangerous prisoners. You could accessorize your outfit with a pair of handcuffs. If you want to add a little extra style you can use the Safariland Standard Chain Style Handcuff in Colors. A bright pink handcuff adds to the fun while still playing into the prisoner costume.

But if you’re less inclined to go as a deranged criminal, you could try a Monadnock 5120 Practice Suit. Designed to help police and military professionals practice self defense techniques without injuring their sparring partner, the Monadnock Practice Suit would be a perfect place to start for your Halloween costume. Personally, I think it would make

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21 Oct

Just outside Chicago in Joliet, Il., firefighters have been doing some new training to help them save lives. The CART (Combined Area Response Team) tactical team is a specialized group of firefighters who help make sure structures are safe for other firefighters to go in and save lives.

As fires weaken structures, it is incredibly important to make sure the walls, ceiling and floors won’t give out, else the firefighters may be hurt, injured or unable to help those they’ve come to save. While buildings have to go through a number of inspections to ensure they’re capable of standing up to a certain degree of damage, no structure is entirely without weakness, so doing some work on the building during a fire can greatly help reduce the number of lives lost due to building collapse.

The Joliet Fire Department has local lumber yards on standby in case they need any extra wood for supports or reinforcements. But even with all the tools they have at their disposal, it’s important to work quickly and effectively. Putting up a poor support in half the time doesn’t cut it, and neither does putting up a strong support too late.

One …

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18 Oct

One of the most important issues that soldiers have faced throughout the history of battle is communicating information as quickly and clearly as possible. Once, smoke signals and carrier pigeons were the norm. The first marathon was run to alert the Greeks of an impending attack.

Thankfully, we have better tech today. No one needs to run 26 miles to deliver the news. The US military has everything from satellite imagery and GPS devices to smart phone-like tools that can show everything from troop positions to nearby defensive positions and more. But with all the amazing tech used for communications and information relaying, there is still a drawback: cellular reception.

Yep, the US Government has been saying, “Can you hear me now?” In remote and underdeveloped parts of the world there aren’t very many cell phone towers, and carrying a portable solution can be difficult. Soldiers have a lot of equipment, and the power needed to wirelessly transmit the amount of data needed adds extra batteries to already heavy packs. Because of this issue, General Dynamics has developed a new vehicle mounting system for the portable radio systems used by the military. It’s called the Sidewinder Vehicle Mount.


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14 Oct

Intemperate weather can be extraordinarily devastating. Whether it be a hurricane, monsoon, typhoon, tornado or tropical storm, these forces of nature are impossible to avoid if you live in certain parts of the world and they can cause massive damage to your property and, if you’re unprepared, to your own health and safety. While there’s no way to ensure your safety in every situation, it is smart to put together an emergency kit that takes care of as many of your basic needs as possible when a storm is on the way.

There are a number of great items that you can find at Tactical Store. We also just produced a new video with a lot of advice on putting together a hurricane preparation kit. Definitely take a look at it because there’s a bunch of awesome information on a wide variety of products. If you’re planning on putting together your own hurricane preparation kit and want to find these items take a look beneath the video, where I’ve put a bunch of links to the product pages.

In order of appearance:

Streamlight Fire Vulcan (Hey, I talked about that in a post a few months ago! Check …

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11 Oct

Dutch National Railways is facing a problem at present. They’ve recently added some “short hop” trains that are only for short trips, but the trains don’t have bathrooms. This is generally not a problem, since the train rides aren’t terribly long, but in emergencies, such as a power outage, the trains could be between stations for between 3 and 4 hours. That’s a long time to be holding it when you really have to go.

Because of the potential for serious issues that many people might have, Dutch National Railways has outfitted their trains with “pee bags.” They’re exactly what they sound like, although there is more design involved that simple a bag to… pee in. The bags feature a cup-like top and an absorbent material inside that turns any liquid into a gelatin-like mixture. After use, the bags can be sealed and thrown in the trash.

Many passengers are happy to have the option, although some don’t like the idea of relieving themselves in any place that isn’t a bathroom. It’s understandable, but emergency situations call for emergency action.

We don’t have the exact same kind of pee receptacle, but we did just add a new brand, …

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07 Oct

One of the most anticipated games this fall, Battlefield 3, is a military first person shooter that aims to take down the undisputed king of shooters, Call of Duty. Part of their strategy in making the best game possible is to add as many real life elements as possible to their battle simulator. Not only are many of the weapons standard issue, the tactics that players will need to employ will likewise be similar to those used by the United States military.

Of the new elements featured in the game is the ability to lay down in the prone position and set up a bipod to get increased accuracy while being harder to hit. This has long been a tactic in warfare. Any shooter can tell you that using a shooting rest will help improve your aim, since the rest is, as the name implies, at rest and not moving or shaking at all. Adding this ability will give players a greater ability to lay down covering fire from a distance, especially with higher caliber weapons that have greater recoil.

Bipods are great for tactical situations, but they also give hunters a great advantage, and anyone who has used …

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04 Oct
I just read an article about Fort Campbell’s new Helicopter Simulator, which gives soldiers the ability to train for various tasks in a helicopter without ever leaving the ground. The Non-rated Crew Member Manned Module (NCM3) trains crews of UH-60 Black Hawk and CH-47 Chinook helicopters. Each of the crew members wears a device that looks similar to night vision, but is actually a virtual reality simulator that allows crew members to practice very specific tasks. Though the new system is independent of the pilot, who uses a separate simulator, the two can be connected so that both groups experience the same situations and have to work together to solve whatever problems arise.

Some of the situations the NCM3 simulates include thunderstorms, where the trainees will actually hear thunder and see lightning out of the windows, high wind, which affects the soldier’s ability to aim the large gun in the helicopter, and fires and oil leaks in the helicopter. All of these are circumstances that soldiers need to be prepared for, but the simulations also serve to bring groups of soldiers together. They must learn to trust each other and act as a single unit, so that

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