30 Sep

I’ve had a few posts over the last month or so talking about gun safety. The new law in Wisconsin permitting concealed carry has been a big deal here at Tactical Store, and we’re constantly getting in new holsters and other duty gear, but one thing that’s important, regardless of the holster you choose, is to stay smart, and stay safe. There are a number of factors to consider when keeping safety concious while handling a firearm.

First is to get the right holster for your gun. An improper fit can cause the gun to fall out or get jostled while in the holster and discharge. Obviously, sticking the gun in the waist of your pants is a bad idea too.

But even when you have the perfect holster, you need to be careful to keep your finger off the trigger while drawing or holstering you weapon. This can be difficult for beginners, especially if they don’t properly respect the gun. The addition of various retention features, such as a thumb break or specific direction draw, makes drawing a holster properly more difficult.

Experience with firearms will greatly help most gun safety issues, but …

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27 Sep

Technology advances at an incredible pace. And that pace is even greater when the technology is designed for military or tactical purposes. While some of the coolest stuff is top secret, every once in a while some new advancement is made public and really impresses. In just the last week or so it’s been released that a new type of tank has been developed. And it’s invisible.

The first thing I should mention is that these tanks are not invisible to the naked eye, but rather to thermal imaging. Tanks and military transports have long had some degree of camoflauge to conceal them from enemies. Because of the tough outer shell of a tank, there are very few portable weapons that can do any real damage to the vehicle. Since they’re so well protected from ground strikes, the real danger for a tank come across is from above, or from remote electronic targeting systems. Many of these systems use thermal optics to spot tanks, which, because of their size and the tremendous power it takes to move them, have a distinct heat signature. A plane flying by overhead has very little trouble seeing tanks on the ground, even in …

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22 Sep

We have a lot of great low light tactical solutions at Tactical Store. From super high tech night vision and thermal imaging to rifle scopes with illuminated reticles powered by fiber optics, we have the most advanced options to help you see in the dark. But while these are all great ways to operate in the dark, having a powerful tactical flashlight is the most reliably consistent and easiest way to see what you’re doing.

I’ll start with the Leapers UTG Long Range Spot Focus QD Weapon-mount & Handheld LED Flashlight. This powerful light features a 5 function LED light with 200 lumens of maximum output. The five functions are three levels of brightness, a strobe function and a signal function. The lamp for this Leapers light allows you to focus the beam for long distance viewing, with an effective illumination range up to 800 yards! But what makes this light really versatile is that it’s great for both handheld use and for use as a weapon mounted light. It will fit on virtually any picatinny rail, and it has a quick detach lever so you can take it off your firearm quickly if you need to shed

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20 Sep
I’m going to come at you from all sides today with my blog post. There are a bunch of new tactical accessories and tools that just came into Tactical Store, and I want to give you a better idea of what we offer besides riflescopes, red dot sights and duty gear.

First up we have the aiding in detecting counterfeit bills, spotting leaks when doing auto repairs or investigating a crime scene. This LED Flashlight is extremely compact, and the included universal clip will allow you to attach it to your keys, purse, a zipper, bag or… well, whatever you need it to attach to.

Keeping with the compact tool idea, we also added the Victorinox Swiss Army SLIM DUO Flight -128 GB Flash Drive. There aren’t very many flash drives with 128GB of memory that will so easily fit in your pocket. Much like the Inova LED Microlight, the Slim Duo Flight will attach to a keyring, and it provides a good, tough shell for keeping your info safe. There is also included data encryption so that your info doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

But lets say the wrong hands do come after

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15 Sep

Okay, I have to admit I’m a bit giddy over the latest additions to Tactical-Store. We’ve had thermal imaging devices for a while now, and I’ve always felt it’s pretty cool stuff, but the Insight Technology Thermal Imaging we just added is extra cool.

First up is the Insight Technology CNVD-T Clip On Night Vision Thermal Imaging Sight. It easily attaches to a weapon and will stand up to a lot of punishment, even in tough conditions.

The CNVD-T has a long detection range, and the built in 2X digital zoom will help you get in close for precise shots. While there is a reticle included, you can also mount this thermal imager in front of a day sight, such as a red dot sight, so it combines well with your other equipment for a serious advantage.

What’s really great about using thermal imaging as your night vision instead of the customary light enhancing night vision is that thermal imaging is not affected by snow, rain, fog or smoke. Any of these can play havoc with normal night vision, but you’ll still get a great image through a thermal imager from Insight Technology.

But if you’re looking

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12 Sep

GG&G has a short but successful history. They’ve been around for about 16 years and have gained a lot of experience manufacturing tactical accessories such as optical mounting systems, rails and combat slings. I wrote up a post a couple weeks ago about the GG&G 40MM Grenade Salt and Pepper Shakers, which are a neat little novelty item that we recently added to our store, but GG&G has also added some other cool products, namely their Sling Thing line.

As the name implies, the tactical sling mount that is perfect for most M16s or AR15s.

Another awesome option is the GG&G Quick Clip Sling Thing Attachment, which allows for the use of quick clips or snap hooks, enabling even faster sling attachment, which could be a lifesaver in the midst of a warzone. Still lightweight and easy to use, the Quick Clip Sling Thing Attachment is another awesome way to customize your rifle or shotgun.

If you want the best gun accessories you should definitely check out GG&G. They have a lot of great products that have been tested and meet their demanding standards.

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08 Sep

The Revision Vipertail Ballistic Sunglasses are civilian style safety sunglasses that provide an amazing degree of protection without losing comfort or style. You need to protect your eyes when out shooting or on the job, but looking cool is a nice added benefit.

You can look at the picture and see just how cool the Vipertail Sunglasses are, but there are some other things to know about these safety glasses. First, they were designed for superior fit, which means you’ll have greater retention. No matter how good the glasses are, if they fall off your face they won’t be helping at all, and since these glasses are intended for active use, it is especially important to make sure they fit.

These Revision Safety Glasses feature high impact protection, and they’ve been tested and perform at an incredibly high level. The Vipertails meet several safety standards, including MIL-PRF-31013, so you can be sure that they will keep your eyes safe.

In addition to their ability to protect your eyes, the Revision Vipertail Glasses also give you a great image. The lenses will not distort an image at all, and the smoke coloring of the glass makes them ideal for bright

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06 Sep

I’m going to take a momentary break from talking about gun safety and the Wisconsin Concealed Carry law and mention a few great new rifle scopes we just got in at Tactical Store. They’re from one of our top brands, Leupold.

The Leupold VX-6 series of riflescopes will give you an idea of what Leupold is all about. They are computer designed to provide awesome performance that is incredibly repeatable and durable enough to withstand whatever you throw at it when you’re out hunting. As the name implies, the VX-6 gives 6:1 Zoom ratio, which is ideal for most hunting situations. The magnification range gives you a wide field of view for close range shots or game that is moving around, and you can zoom in on game at a distance to get a precise shot in. You never know what’s going to pop up when you’re out hunting, so having the versatility of the Leupold VX-6 will keep you covered in every situation.

But I haven’t mentioned brightness and clarity yet. The VX-6 features blackened lens edges, which helps draw light in rather than reflect it, and the more light that comes through the glass, the …

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02 Sep

I wrote a post the other day about gun safety and how laser sights can improve your shooting accuracy in dangerous situations. It’s really important to always consider safety first when you’re handling a firearm.

In addition to being smart and effective when handling a firearm, it’s also of the utmost importance to be sure your gun is secure when you’re away. A good gun safe is probably the best way to keep your gun out of the wrong hands. One of the premiere manufacturers of gun safes is Lockdown. They have an extensive line of gun vaults, from compact options for a pistol to larger multi-gun safes. Dependant on your needs, Lockdown will provide a great security solution.

Because they have such awesome quality, we just added a few new items from Lockdown. The first two are handgun vaults. The Lockdown Compact Handgun Vault and Lockdown Large Handgun Vault are both TSA approved, so they’re an ideal choice for at home or on the road use. Based on their names, I’m betting you can guess the main difference between the two. The Compact Handgun Vault is smaller and lighter, and will accommodate most compact handguns and revolvers.

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