30 Aug

I’m going to be talking a lot about the new Wisconsin Concealed Carry law in the upcoming weeks. The bill was signed on July 8, 2011 by Governor Walker, and you can begin applying for licenses on November 1, 2011. Wisconsin is the 49th state to allow concealed carry, with Illinois the only hold out at present.

Concealed Carry is great for self defense. When you’re out at night and want a little extra security without anyone knowing, having a handgun concealed under your shoulder, on your ankle, or at your waist is a great option. But one thing I’ve noticed is that under duress even the best shooters lose accuracy. Attacks often happen at night, and the darkness further disrupts your ability to defend yourself.

One of the best ways to improve accuracy in these conditions is with a laser sight. While any gun sight, when properly used, will increase your chances of hitting a target, laser sights tend to be easier to use. One issue you might run into when you want to conceal your firearm is the size of the laser sight. Dependant on your gun and the size of the concealed carry holster, …

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26 Aug
It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written about the great flashlights we carry here at Tactical-Store, but we just got in a couple awesome new products from Insight Technology and Pelican.

One thing I like about these two new flashlights is that they’re actually fairly different from one another. First up, the Insight Technology HX150 Programmable Tactical Flashlight is as much a self defense tool as it is a lumination tool. The HX150 features a programmable tailcap switch and powerful 150 lumens of peak intensity light, meaning you can temporarily blind an attacker with either the strobe light function or a steady light function. This tactical flashlight is small enough to fit in a purse or pocket, or it can clip to a belt, so you can comfortably carry it with you where ever you go.

And you don’t worry about toughness. This Insight Technology Tactical Flashlight features a shock proof high intensity LED light, a nearly indestructible aerospace anodized aluminum body, and waterproof sealing so that it’ll survive heavy rain or total submersion up to 15 feet. In addition to all these great features it should last for years, which is why Insight Technology backs it up

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23 Aug

I talk a lot about safety here on the Tactical-Store Blog. We have helmets, tactical gloves, hearing protection and more to help keep you injury-free when out shooting, hunting or in the midst of a war zone. As much as these options will keep you safe it’s also important to remember one of the most vulnerable areas on your body: your eyes.

Protecting your eyes with shooting glasses is important not only to keep yourself safe from injury, but also to keep from harming others if you are unable to see. There are a number of hazards for your eyes, from shrapnel and ejected shells to tiny, near invisible particles and dust. Temporarily blinded, even a seasoned pro can turn into a gun-wielding danger.

Thankfully, there are some great options for eye protection on the market today. We just got in the Radians Shift Interchangeable Lens Shooting Glasses, which not only protect your eyes, but also some style to your look when shooting.

The interchangeable lenses included with the Radians Glasses allow you to customize both your look and the performance of these tactical glasses. Green lenses are best for bright sunlight, whereas orange is better

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19 Aug

We just added this offbeat product to our stores. It’s pretty cool if you ask me.

The GG&G 40MM Grenade Salt and Pepper Shaker and Toothpick Holder is, as the name implies, a set of of salt and pepper shakers and a toothpick holder designed to look like a 40MM grenade. I know a lot of you guys are hunters, and I bet your next picnic or barbecue would be much better if you had a set of these shakers on the table.

The Grenade Shakers are made from solid billet 6061 T-6 aluminum, giving them a really nice look, and they’re pretty durable. You should still be careful with them though, as they should be washed with a mild detergent to preserve the finish.

I think it’s great to see products like the GG&G 40MM Grenade Shakers. They’re a lot of fun and are a great way to show off your style and love of artillery.

We have some more cool products coming to our stores soon, so check back with the Tactical-Store Blog for all the latest.

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16 Aug

Let’s be honest. Your gun probably cost a couple thousand dollars, and you likely put a couple thousand more dollars worth of gun sights on it. In addition you’ve spent a lot of time customizing that gun to be exactly the way you like it. And, of course, it’s extremely important to keep your firearm out of the wrong hands, whether those hands belong to a child, intruder, or anyone else who shouldn’t be handling it.

Those are quite a few reasons to make absolutely sure your gun is kept in a good gun safe. With all the money you invest in your gun, you’d be crazy not to invest a bit in gun storage.

A great new option available from TacticalStore.com is the Barska Quick-Access Biometric Rifle Safe. It’s not only extremely tough and secure, this rifle safe is also a great size, with enough room inside for up to four long rifles, with a removable storage shelf at the top for ammunition and handguns. But don’t worry about it overtaking your whole room or closet. No space is wasted, so the slim fit will take up just the amount of space you want it to

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12 Aug

I know you guys don’t like to let on when you’re lost. And that goes double for when you’re out hunting or hiking with your buddies or your wife. You’ll never hear the end of it, right?

And I’ll bet that as much as you don’t like admitting when you’re lost to others, you don’t like to admit it to yourself even more. We all like to consider ourselves the masters of the universe. But face it, you might get lost from time to time.

I’m going to suggest you protect yourself. I know I’ve mentioned Bushnell GPS units before, and we just got their latest offering in at our stores. Most of you know that global positioning systems are great for driving directions, but what about when you’re in the woods, without so much as a trail to guide you? That’s what the Bushnell Backtrack is for.

The Bushnell Backtrack D-Tour GPS Personal Tracker gives you a clear idea of where you are, and more importantly, where you need to be. The system is very easy to use. You can mark the location of your car, hotel, campsite, or maybe just the best view you’ve ever seen, and the …

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09 Aug

I know you guys are serious about your jobs and your hobbies. You want the best because it saves your neck and gives you the best chance at completing your mission. I get that. I’m with you.

But you also like cool stuff. Sometimes you want to buy something just because it’s cool and the best thing out there. I bet you like to show off from time to time when you’re at the range or out hunting. We just added a new item to our store. And it is cool. It is the epitome of bragging rights.

The Wenger Swiss Army Knife Giant Elite is the Guiness Book of World Record’s “most multifunctional penknife.” The Giant Elite has 87 implements and one-hundred and forty one different functions. Actually, make that one-hundred and forty-two. That extra one is in those moments when a buddy pulls out his latest knife and tries to look like he’s cool. Then you unleash this bad boy. Oh yeah.

There are so many implements on the Wenger Giant Elite that I half expect one of them to be another Swiss Army Knife. There are seven blades, three pliers, whistle, bicycle chain

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05 Aug

In our quest to always bring the best possible products to our customers, Tactical-Store.com and OpticsPlanet.com have joined forces with EOTech to create a few new options for hunters and soldiers. You may remember our first OPMOD collaboration with EOTech last summer, the L-3 EOTech OPMOD EXPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight. The amazing success we, and our customers, had with that has led to us bringing two more options to the market, the L-3 EOTech OPMOD MPO III EXPS2-0 and the L-3 EOTech OPMOD MPO II EXPS3-0.

These two new great options take some of the most popular sights from EOTech and add in a G23 3x magnifier, so that your holographic weapon sight is effective at both short and medium distances. Holographic weapon sights were first developed by EOTech, and they offer unparalleled accuracy and speed of target acquisition.

The MPO III EXPS2-0 was designed for use while both eyes are open, allowing the shooter to see more of the field quicker than with any other sight. This compact sight only needs 2 3/4 inches of rail space, allowing you to mount the magnifier behind it. The G23 3x magnifier can flip to the side …

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02 Aug

Last week I had a post up on laser sights, focusing on the Crimson Trace Master Series 1911, I really like the Master Series, as it adds a great aiming option to your pistol without a lot of extra bulk and it is easy to use. The compact nature and simple use is great, but if you need a laser sight with added functionality, I’d take a look at the Laser Devices MOLAD LLM-1 Laser/IR/LED Tactical Light.

Rather than being used on a pistol, this Laser Devices sight is better suited for rifles, carbines, and sub machine guns with NATO 13 or Picatinny rails. The MOLAD LLM-1 combines a laser sight with an LED flashlight, an infrared pointer and an infrared illuminator to give the user as many low light options as possible.

If you’re using night vision, you can turn on the IR pointer or illuminator to give you a better view through the night vision while not alerting enemies or game to your presence.

If invisibility is not important for your operation you can use the laser sight or flashlight to add accuracy and light the way for you, and potentially others in your group …

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