29 Jul

We’ve added some new brands recently to TacticalStore.com, and I thought I’d give you a quick peek at some of the highlights.

First up is the Wesol Distribution Sticky Belt Shirt Lock. The Sticky Belt is worn underneath clothing to keep your shirt from coming untucked throughout the day. Obviously, there is a style element to keeping your shirt tucked in at all times, but many in the military and law enforcement officials use the Sticky Belt Shirt Lock for tactical purposes. An untucked shirt not only looks bad, but it can also get in the way or potentially get snagged on something.

The TangoDown 6 Inch Rail Grip can be placed anywhere on the rail and the aggressive texture gives the user a superior grip even in wet or muddy conditions. The TangoDown Sling Mount for Collapsible Stock also improves functionality on rifles by providing an easy to install ambidextrous sling option.

These are just a few of the latest products added to Tactical-Store.com, but we’re always expanding our selection, so check back with Tactical Store blog for all the latest news and products.

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26 Jul

Pistols have long been popular as a self defense tool because of their easy storage and extreme effectiveness. Of course, firearms are dangerous, especially when they’re in the wrong hands.

Under duress, even highly-skilled shooters lose accuracy. Attackers rarely let you know beforehand that you’re about to be attacked. Surprise and danger immediately raises a person’s blood pressure, floods their body with adrenaline, and prepares them for flight or fight. Those with a gun may resort to “spray and pray.” This not only makes you less effective at defending yourself, but it also makes you dangerous to others in the vicinity, which may include your loved ones. It can be a good idea to arm yourself for dangerous situations, but you’ll also want to make sure you’re accurate and effective with your firearm.

One of the easiest ways to increase accuracy and consistency with a firearm is to attach a laser sight. TacticalStore.com has just added the Crimson Trace Master Series 1911 Laser Sights. As long as the laser sight is properly mounted on your firearm you’ll know where your bullets are headed. There are a number of great techniques for shooting accurately, but most of the advice

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22 Jul

Streamlight has always made it their goal to produce flashlights that meet very specific needs. Not too long ago I wrote a post about their Fire Vulcan series of flashlights, which were designed for use by fire fighters. Like the Fire Vulcan, each line of Streamlight flashlights fulfills specific needs.

Part of fulfilling specific needs is giving users the ability to customize their flashlight, so Streamlight has made available a number of flashlight accessories. Some of these accessories are simply replacement parts, so if a part is damaged the user doesn’t need to replace the whole unit, but others are specially designed to add new functions or enhance the performance of the flashlight.

One of the most common upgrades for a flashlight is to change the halogen bulb to an LED light. There are a number of reasons to make this change. First, LED lights last a lot longer than halogen bulbs. Most halogen bulbs last about 6 hours, whereas LED lights typically last 100,000 hours. In addition to the extended life of the bulb, LEDs also prolong battery life, as a halogen bulb burns through batteries in about 2 hours. LED lights will use up the same batteries …

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19 Jul

Imagine a late night car accident. You’re rattled. The car door is jammed and you or perhaps a loved one is afraid. With all the safety features present in modern automobiles, you might think you’ll be safe. But sometimes the features that keep dangers out can also lock them in. You might be trapped in a burning car. Help might be coming too slow. You may be inhaling smoke. Car windows are made of extremely strong glass. It isn’t easy to break through one with a bare hand, and even if you do get through the glass you’ll most likely be hurt. It’s a time like this that a good tactical pen or tactical flashlight would come in handy.

The Night Armor CREE Tactical Flashlight now comes packaged with a tactical pen at TacticalStore.com. The pen can be used to break glass or for self-defense purposes. Many people regularly carry a pen, so switching to a tactical pen won’t take up extra room, but it will give you extra protection.

The Night Armor Tactical Flashlight sports a powerful LED light that provides long battery life and great performance. Night Armor designed it to be extremely durable, so the tactical

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14 Jul

A rather unique new product we carry at TacticalStore.com is the Cass Creek Waggler. Of the many hunting accessories available, none have sparked the interest around the office that the Waggler has. There are a number of different game calls on the market today, but none have the unique look and function of Cass Creek‘s latest offering.

Looking at the picture, it isn’t hard to imagine why the Cass Creek Waggler generates interest. It’s designed to attract big game. The height of the tail can be adjusted with the four included rods, and it produces sounds for female coyotes, coyote food fights, beta-male coyotes, house cats, cottontails in distress, baby crows, fawns in distress, hares, fox pups, and jack rabbits. These sounds can also be combined, so two sounds are generated at the same time. The Cass Creek Waggler also dispenses scents, and the remote control works up to 100 yards away. It’s a real full-service game call if you’re looking for big game.

I definitely suggest checking out the video for the Cass Creek Waggler Game Call on the product page. We just added it to our store, so you can be the first in your …

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12 Jul
The newest line of concealed carry options available from TacticalStore.com is Undertech Undercover. With options available for both men and women, Undertech has developed a series of compression clothing that provides great comfort and performance for you while you carry a firearm.

If you aren’t wearing a belt it can be tricky to use a same as a right-hander. The Undercover Shorts can be worn under most clothing, including gym shorts, sweat pants, dress pants, jeans, or even a suit and tie!

The neck or a tank top, depending on your needs. The snug fit of the shirt along with the generous stretching allow them to disappear completely under your shirt or jacket, and they keep you cool regardless of the temperature outside. The identical holsters under each arm allow you to carry two firearms at the same time without restricting movement. The holsters are also adaptable, so if you want to carry an extra magazine, flashlight, cell phone or handcuffs you’ll be able to.

The great design and functionality of the Undertech Undercover line has made them the first choice of the U.S. Secret Service, FBI, DEA, TSA and many other agencies. Take a look if you need

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08 Jul

June was proclaimed National Great Outdoors Month by President Obama, and while I think it’s a great idea to encourage people to get out into the wild with their families and have an adventure, I don’t see why anyone should stop now that it’s July. There are so many parks that allow camping, whether you’re using a recreational vehicle or a tent. It’s relatively inexpensive to go camping. In fact, if you already have equipment it’s almost free. That’s a lot better than some theme park or resort.

You definitely want to properly equip yourself before an expedition. Take a look at all the

Even inside of a nice tent the ground can be pretty unforgiving, so take along a
In the morning you might be craving a fresh cup of coffee, which is where the Brunton Brefire Coffee Maker comes in handy. It runs on butane or propane, so make sure you have a good supply, but it’ll brew a fine cup of coffee to help you wake up.
50,000 times without hurting the battery. That’s a charge a day for more than 135 years! I doubt you’ll be in the woods that long, but it’s good to

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06 Jul

A wildfire in the Los Alamos, New Mexico area is threatening to consume the Los Alamos National Laboratory, which is where the first nuclear bomb was developed during WWII. The fire, which has thus far covered an area of roughly 50,000 acres, has already jumped a highway once and threatened the facility, although that part of the blaze was put out before any damage was done. The local government evacuated a number of nearby residents, although if the blaze engulfs the nuclear laboratory the whole area will need to be cleared, as there is a large amount of potentially hazardous nuclear waste present.

Firefighters are working tirelessly to put out the flames, but even a small change in the wind could prove disastrous. Danger from the fire threatens constantly, but firefighters continue to do their best to keep everyone safe during the crisis.

One of the biggest dangers in a fire is smoke, which not only suffocates victims but also greatly reduces visibility. In thick smoke firefighters may lose sight of each other even if they’re only a few feet apart. With this in mind, Streamlight designed a line of flashlights specifically for firefighters. The Fire Vulcan series give firemen …

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