29 Jun

Well, it looks like Wisconsin has finally come to its senses. The state has passed a law allowing for the concealed carry of firearms. The new law does stipulate that law abiding citizens must get special training and a permit, but they will be able to exercise their Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms in the way they wish. The concealed carry bill was originally proposed with no permit or training stipulations, but Governor Walker said he wouldn’t sign any bill without those restrictions. It’s an unfortunate concession to give to anti-gun lobbyists, but at least Wisconsin now allows you to legally use a concealed holster.

Second Amendment advocates are going to continue their fight to rid Wisconsin of the training and permits, but most freedom-lovers will turn their attention to Illinois, which is the only state left in the Union without a concealed carry law. I’d admonish Illinoisans, except I’m a lifelong resident.

Illinois is going to be a tough state to get a concealed carry law passed. Chicago has a very liberal base, and Governor Quinn has already stated that he will continue his opposition to concealed carry. He claims that keeping neighborhoods safe is …

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23 Jun

Keeping your gun clean is important not only to the life of your gun, but also to your safety and the safety of those around when you operate your firearm. Many gun owners neglect cleaning because of the hassle involved. To simplify the process use a Hoppe’s Boresnake. It’s a simple, effective and quick way to clean your gun.

All you need to do is feed the weighted pull cord of the gun cleaner through the bore of your gun and pull it through once or twice. The three step clean breaks up large particles, clears out residue, and wipes the bore clean. Of the many great tools for gun cleaning, Hoppe’s Boresnake is the most convenient, making it a lot easier for shooters to clean their gun after every day of shooting, which is recommended by the NRA.

Remember that you should also clean your firearm after it’s been stored for a prolonged period of time, even if the gun storage you use is the best available. Moisture, solidified grease and oil can all build up in your gun while in storage. A quick clean minimizes danger and ensures peace of mind.…

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21 Jun
An often overlooked piece of hunting gear is a good set of binoculars. Whether you’re walking through the woods or hiking through a mountainous region, you need a good optic to locate game. Experienced hunters know that using the scope on your rifle is a bad idea, since you don’t want to be pointing your gun in a direction with unknown variables. Even with your finger off the trigger and the safety on, aiming a gun in directions where people might be present could be disastrous.

In addition to the danger of using your riflescope to find game, it also isn’t practical. The weight and bulk of your weapon, along with the additional precautions you’ll need to take when waving a weapon around make a riflescope a poor choice for spotting game. A pair of binoculars hung around your neck or stored in a side pocket is much better.

A number of factors contribute to improving the value of a good pair of culars. First, you’ll want high quality optics. If the lenses are poor, nothing else will matter. Steiner is known for the quality of their lenses and their innovative approach to producing binoculars, and they have

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16 Jun

I was just reading a story about a heroic father who protected his kids and took down a bank robber.

The father, a 34-year-old Iraq War veteran, was in a bank in Sarasota Florida with two of his sons when a gun wielding bank robber came in and started waving a gun around. With his first concern on his children, the vet stepped between his kids and the gunman. A few moments later he had his kids get under some chairs and he placed chairs in front of them to shield them from the robber.

After another minute, the robber started threatening his kids directly, pointing the gun at them and telling the roomful of people that if anyone tried to stop him he would shoot the kids. Bad move.

Once he got the money he came for, the bank robber headed for his car. Seeing that his children were now out of harm’s way, the vet followed the gunman out into the parking lot, blocked his car and proceeded to take down the gunman with martial arts skills he learned in the military.

American military – 1. Bank Robber – 0.

Hearing about this heroic dad made me think …

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14 Jun

Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) are necessary for any military operation. A soldier with greater knowledge of the battlefield and enemy movements is far more capable than a less informed soldier. Hunters also know the value of greater ISR, as an understanding of the terrain, prey location and movements will give them a leg up on other hunters in the same area.

Methods for gathering ISR have evolved over the centuries. Pheidippides ran the first marathon to warn ancient Greeks of an impending attack. Ancient Chinese and Native Americas used smoke signals to warn of enemy movements. Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride warned revolutionaries of British movements during the American Revolution.

These days, military units employ a number of different tactics for passing information on enemy movements. Satellite imagery and radio messages are common in the U.S. military, but constant improvements are underway. Using combinations of GPS units, radios, and Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAVs), soldiers today are able to see real-time images of the battlefield. This technology employs night vision and thermal imaging to give accurate readings regardless of circumstances.

One of the issues with this new system is that soldiers are forced to carry extra equipment, which in …

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07 Jun
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has recently publicized his position regarding the legislation on carrying concealed firearms. Up until now Walker has been mostly silent on the issue, which many took as a sign that he was in favor of the Consitutional Carry bill which is the right of law-abiding citizens to carry a firearm in the manner of their choosing without the government interfering, either with registration, taxes or training.

Governor Walker’s new position is to bring in government involvement when you’re deciding how to carry your firearm. This government involvement will not only restrict your Second Amendment Rights, but it’ll also cost you money, as the new bill will cost $2,000,000 for the first year and $1,000,000 every year after that. The Constitutional Carry bill would place no fiscal demand on the taxpayers of Wisconsin.

Walker’s statement about concealed weapons was released the day after Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn upped his support of the increased regulations, as one of Flynn’s bicycle patrol officers was involved in a gunfight recently. Though the officer was not injured, the incident spurred Flynn to action, calling the Constitutional Carry bill “reckless and foolish.” What appears reckless and foolish to me is

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06 Jun

When I think of body armor for police officers, I generally think of the bulletproof vests, knee pads and helmets that keep the men and women who protect me safe. But many tactical operations use K-9 units, and the dogs are usually not given the same level of protection as their human counterparts.

The city of Vineland, New Jersey has sought to correct this, but rather than speding tax dollars on the new equipment, Mayor Robert Romano asked the community to raise $4000 for bulletproof vests specially tailored to their K-9s. It only took a week before they’d reached their goal.

Mayor Romano was a K-9 officer for 9 years, so he has experienced times when his K-9 partner was attacked. Since the dogs’ job is to sniff out suspects they’re usually the first ones to encounter danger, making them that much more a likely to be a victim of violence.

While TacticalStore.com doesn’t carry any K-9 vests, we do have a number of tactical vests and helmets that help keep soldiers and police officers safe.…

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01 Jun

More and more hunters have discovered rangefinders as an invaluable tool for their hunting expeditions. The primary use for a rangefinder is to take the guesswork out of determing distances. This is especially important for bow hunters, but all hunters can use a good hunting rangefinder. In addition to helping hunters gauge distances, rangefinders can serve as spotting scopes, allowing the hunter to find nests and get a better idea of the surrounding area so better vantage points can be found.

Right now TacticalStore has the Nikon Monarch Laser 1200 Rangefinder on sale for over 40% off! The Nikon Monarch has a number of features to benefit hunters of all skill levels. First and most important, this laser rangefinder is accurate. It provides 1/2 yard precision up to 500 yards, and 1 yard precision up to 1200 yards. The high quality of the optics also features heavily with the Monarch. Since it is made by Nikon, the rangefinder comes with bright, multicoated lenses for high-resolution images. Single button operation eases use, and the automatic shut off after the reading has been displayed for eight seconds saves on battery life.

A really cool feature on the Nikon Monarch …

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