06 Jul

There are four possible causes of a world-ending apocalypse:

  • Global Warming/Environmental Cataclysm/2012
  • Nuclear Warfare
  • Pandemic/Super-Virus
  • Zombies

Of these four possibilities, we can all agree the most likely would be zombies. As has been proven over time by “based on a true story” movies such as Shaun of the Dead, 28 Days Later, Zombieland, and Night of the Living Dead, zombies are relentless. They crave human flesh. The zombies of the past were lumbering oafs, but over the years they have become stronger and significantly faster. Numerous survival guides have been written about surviving the zombie apocalypse, and to rehash everything would be pointless. I highly advise you consult with your local librarian for any material.

After securing food, shelter, searching for survivors, your next step will be to defend what you have, and to deal with the zombie horde that over time will become hungrier and hungrier and be looking for their next meal- aka you. This article is meant to help you plan exactly how you can customize your rifle to maximize your zombie killing prowess. Please note- there are many ways you can customize your rifle, all extremely effective. This is just one of the many ways …

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