28 Jun

OPMOD custom tactical products belong to an exclusive series of tactical optics available only from Tactical Store and OpticsPlanet (the parent company of Tactical Store). The same tactical gear experts who are available at Tactical Store to answer your tactical equipment questions, are teaming up with product engineers at the top weapon optics and gun sight companies to produce innovative new tactical products with unique features that are only found on the OPMOD line. When OPMOD equipment is launched, it will be available exclusively at Tactical Store and OpticsPlanet. The first OPMOD product, the OPMOD L-3 EOTech EXPS2 Holographic Red Dot Sight, is hot off the production line, and already getting rave reviews from users. For the most advanced tactical gear, with cutting edge features you won’t find anywhere else, Tactical Store is the place to head.…

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08 Jun

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is one of the most popular games available right now, with around 10 million copies sold in the US alone. One of the factors that has been instrumental in the success of the game has been the realism- not only in the game play and engine, but also in the gear available.

At Tactical Store we offer a lot of the products used to enhance your weapons in Modern Warfare for use in everyday light. Red dot sights, holographic weapon sights, ACOG scopes and thermal sights are integral tools for a player to improve accuracy and readiness in battle, and at Tactical Store we offer those same products for the same reason for everyday life! Let’s go over each attachment with some examples of everyday products!

Red Dot Sights

Red dot sights project a red dot on the target, without actually displaying the dot publicly, for the purpose of improving accuracy. While traditional sights suffer from parallax error- meaning that when a point and the eye are not perpendicular, there is some inaccuracy in interpreting the results- red dot sights allow you to use both eyes. Red Dot Sights are more accurate …

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