26 Feb

The exciting Bushnell 5x Waterproof Digital Video Camera 737000v for Riflescopes makes it possible for hunters to record their hunting experience like never before. Simply mount the camera above your existing riflescope to record your hunting activities in up to 5x magnifications. Because the riflescope camera sees what your scope sees, you can now watch that great shot you took when you bagged that prized trophy time and again. Show off your hunting prowess to your family and friends – they are guaranteed to be jealous of your skills, and of your riflescope camera.

The Bushnell 737000v Video Camera features a 1.5 inch LCD screen so you can view and playback video even when it is still mounted on your riflescope. The included 1 GB flash memory enables you to record up to 1 hour of VGA quality video at a time, and using the included USB cable you can easily transfer your hunting footage to your home computer or other device. You can even hook it up to your TV and relive the hunt in your living room!

This riflescope camera is rated as waterproof and completely weather resistant so it is ready to accompany you on just …

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19 Feb

The most exciting flashlight technology in decades is now available at the Tactical Store! 5.11 Tactical, in partnership with IVUS energy, has designed and produced the ultimate in rechargeable flashlight power. The Brilliance Award winning Tactical Light for Life Flashlight UC3.400 utilizes the unique IVUS Flashpoint Power Technology to bring you a flashlight that is capable of an impressive 50,000 charge cycles with no battery degradation. This translates to a full charge a day for over 135 years!

The Light for Life Flashlight is truly the last flashlight you will ever need to buy. The ultra fast recharge time (a dead battery to full recharge in just 90 seconds!) is hands down the best recharge time in the industry. In fact, no other flashlight is even close. Each charge gives the user a full ninety minutes of unparalleled power, so you can count on having light when you need it.

The 5.11 Light for Life is built to last a lifetime too. It is constructed out of a state of the art polymer compound that is impact resistant, abrasion resistant, and water resistant. This is a seriously heavy duty flashlight. If you are looking for a lighting option …

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09 Feb

The Trophy 20-60X65mm Spotting Scope from Bushnell offers a high quality spotting scope package at an attractively low price point. The Bushnell Trophy features Porro prisms and premium multi-coated optics that ensure a bright, clear picture. This makes the Trophy Spotting Scope a great choice for hunters and target shooters that are looking for supreme reliability coupled with great optical performance.

The Bushnell Trophy series of spotting scopes are 100% waterproof so hunters can safely take them out on the trail in even the worst of wet weather. And the durable construction and rubberized armor housing of each scope means no more damaged optics due to accidental drops – which, let’s face it, occasionally happen to even the most experienced of hunters. So, if you are looking for a dependable scope that can keep up with you on the trail, look no further than the Trophy 20-60X65mm.

The optics on this spotting scope are truly a great value for the price. With both a 20X and 60X zoom magnification setting, the Trophy 20-60X65mm Spotting Scope from Bushnell easily helps you find targets of interest, be it elusive big game or hard to find rare birds. The premium Porro multi-coated …

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05 Feb

The Tactical-Store is proud to carry the ultimate in military grade weapon sights – the ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) series of gunsights from Trijicon.

The ACOG 4X32 Gunsight with Yellow Center Illumination, TA51 Flattop Mount and Red Dot Optic Scope (available now at Tactical-Store.com) is a perfect example of a fearsome weapon sight that has been battle-tested by the U.S. military across the world. From the deserts of Iraq to the caves of Afghanistan, this rifle scope has been there and done that – and done it extremely well. The military operators we’ve talked to absolutely love the design and function of this scope, and have often stated that they owe their own life or a buddy’s life to their ACOG scope and its ability to get rounds on target accurately and in a hurry.

Each ACOG is an internally adjustable, compact telescopic gunsight with a tritium illuminated reticle. This allows the ACOG to successfully be used in any lighting situation. The ACOG combines traditional distance marksmanship and accuracy with close-in aiming speed to create a very versatile aiming platform. Each Trijicon scope is built within a military grade aluminum alloy housing for extreme ruggedness. The ACOG

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01 Feb

The Brunton Atlas MNS GPS unit is a must have navigation and weather device for anyone spending time in the outdoors, from hunters to tactical operators.

The Atlas is equipped with Brunton’s award winning MultiNavigation System (MNS), so you know you can quickly and easily plot your course on the go and find your current position when needed. The Atlas MNS GPS is really a three in one device: it functions as a weather device, an altimeter and, of course, a GPS locator.

The included weather features are robust. The Atlas MNS GPS carries an on board StormWatch barometer and a 12-hour weather predictor. You’ll never be surprised by bad weather again! The device also keeps a 36 hour weather history, as well as daily trend data.

The altimeter feature allows the user to quickly determine their altitude/elevation – an essential aid for those long duration hunting trips or covert missions in the hills.

The core feature of the Atlas MNS GPS is of course the global positioning functionality. The state-of-the-art dual core processor on the Atlas provides for lightning fast and accurate calculations, and the powerful GPS receiver ensures that you’ll always get the signal you need. You can …

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