09 Dec

ATN Digital Sight

With 5 reticles at your disposal, who can stop you?  The ATN Digital Ultra Sight Reflex Scope makes sure that confidence never escapes.  Built for the serious handgunner, the Ultra Sight Reflex is one of the most tactical red dot scopes in the industry, overpowering almost every red dot in its class.  ATN follows through and holds up to their standard flawless design principles, and no one will ever remember the times before the Digital Ultra Reflex sight.

American Technologies Network Corp. is the breeding ground for success in the optical industry, and pushes the legacy on with the ATN Ultra Sight.  With both eyes open, not only are you more engaged and aware of your surroundings, you can rapidly acquire your target like never before.  A revolutionary feature called MultiAim® makes the ATN Ultra Sight Digital the only sight on the market where the user can instantaneously change the reticle pattern of the sight.  A simple push of a button switches the reticle but does not change the point of aim.  This ATN red dot sight utilizes the forefront of digital technology by offering an array of features only ATN Digital Ultra Scopes could bring. 

Combining …

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08 Dec

5.11 Desert Boots

What truly lies between a trained service officer and the cold, hardened streets he protects are his tactical boots.  These just aren’t any boots that you can get at the surplus store; these are 5.11 Tactical boots5.11 footwear is the staple for law enforcement, EMS, and fire departments nationwide for dependable, ruggedly-constructed work boots.  Whether you are kicking in doors or venturing on a 12-mile run, 5.11 Tactical Gear literally has your feet covered no matter the scenario. 

511 boots, like the popular HRT boots, are the fastest, quietest boots available.  They run like athletic shoes yet have the support and waterproof technology of a hunting boot.  Built for toughness in the harshest environments, the HRT Urban boots come with a Sympatex® waterproof-breathable membrane and an antibacterial, moisture-wicking lining which will keep your feet comfortable and dry. Plus, if you are in the heat of a violent skirmish, you will also be protected from the hidden dangers of bloodborne pathogens and deadly bacteria. Designed to be fast, lightweight and responsive, the HRT Urban Boot incorporates cutting-edge design features, traditional construction processes for an unsurpassed durability and protection.

Tough, inner-city streets aren’t the …

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02 Dec

Fobus Tactical Light Holster

Going into battle prepared means knowing your opposition.  For law enforcement, sometimes criminals aren’t your only obstacle.  Fobus holsters is indeed the bringer of tactical preparation with their extended series of holsters, pouches, and magazine pouches.  Never to be unprepared, Fobus has manufactured a tactical light holster that gives you the option to shine some light on any shadowy situation. 

Fobus pouches keep you armed and ready to protect, therefore OpticsPlanet insisted on becoming an authorized dealer of Fobus products.  No standard pouch will securely keep your tactical light safe and ready for assembly.  Only the Fobus Flashlight Carrier utilizes a picatinny rail for secure mounting of any 1″ under-barrel light.  Fitting M3/M5/M6 Scorpion and Glock lights, Fobus Tactical Light Holsters is what many law enforcement professional desire on the job.  The difference is clear; when you combine the combat-proven Fobus Standard Holster series design and technology with the tactically-forward creativity of their craftsmen-designers, innovation is the sole result.

Fobus glock holsters and Fobus pistol holsters are even further complemented with their amazingly inexpensive magazine pouches and handcuff pouches. Most efficient tacticians rarely carry more then one extra mag, and having the convenience of …

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