13 Nov

Yukon Night Vision Monocular

If after-dark your tasks seem to be piling up, you need the Yukon MultiTask Night Vision monocular.  Yukon has won us over with their ever practical, creatively fashioned night vision device that brings the highest magnification to your tactical means.  The 4×50 NVMT monocular from Yukon is as versatile as night vision technology comes.  Utilizing advanced circuitry in a compact build, the monocular completes your duties and missions, whether they are military or recreational, with ease and optimum stealth.

Yukon‘s durable, light weight, compact NVMT Night Vision Multitask line sets a new standard for dual purpose nightvision.  Its ruggedness allows for the highest ranked military personnel to appreciate the equipment, and the price makes the Yukon night vision device available for personal use.  Take the Yukon NVMT hunting, camping, to late-night sporting events, and even during midnight paintball events. Right now it is on sale in our closeouts section, ready for you to act now!

Entry level night vision has never been so advance and visually stunning.  Yukon NVMT 4x50mm Monocular can transform from Night Vision Monocular to riflescope to a head mountable viewer to a photo and video component is seconds. Trapped in the abyss …

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05 Nov

ATN Night Leopard

Night vision was not created solely for the use of tactical units and military personnel.  Sure, catching the opposing forces underestimating your technology can be an engagement-ending victory, but sometimes civilians can have a little fun too.  ATN Corp, producing dozens of technologically superior night vision optics such as night vision scopes, thermal vision, and night vision binoculars, have designed a night vision monocular that shows the backwoods in a whole new light.

You can make a night near you an ATN night with the ATN AMT Night Leopard.  A new super fast lens system, a dynamite resolution Gen. 1 night vision light intensifier tube, and sheer craftsmanship give birth to a user experience with unparalleled bright images.  You will not have any difficulty switching on the unit and focusing for optimum clarity with the easy push button controls and 3x magnification.  The built-in infra-red illuminator for viewing in total darkness adds a new dimension to the ATN monocular.  An ATN Night Leopard is compact, high in quality, and ready for your next night game or barnyard hunt.

Generation 1 Night Vision takes the obscurity out of the night and contributes a new stage for hunting

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03 Nov

Fobus Brand

Fobus holsters retain your prized firearm with extreme steadfastness and strength.  Whether you tote a Fobus ankle holster, shoulder holster, IWB holster, or a thigh holster, rest assured that your gun is far from being far.  Holsters from Fobus feature the strongest Kydex materials, refined to a seemingly indestructible finish.  Innovation has a firm grasp on your treasured companion, and it has never felt so good.

Fobus holsters are integral in maintaining a tight fight with your gun, no matter the type.  For instance, many of us take great care to keep the firearm finish gleaming, and the Taurus 92 is a work of art.  You need a majestically contoured holster to comfort this investment, and only a Fobus Thumb Break Paddle holster can handle that job.  Fitting a Taurus 92/99, the Fobus thumb break holster provides their passive retention system seamlessly integrated with a snap release thumb break.  

Why would one need to alter their presentation or grip just to accommodate a cheap, inexpensive holster that varies in retention and cant?  After spending countless hours at the range or in the field, the draw that you have honed to perfection will never change.  One smooth, …

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