23 Oct

OpticsPlanet Brilliance Awards

Tactical enthusiasts rely on the best products in the business to keep them alive.  Every day, tacticians in the military, on SWAT teams, or in elite police departments put their lives on the line.  These skilled men and women hold the lives of those dependent on them in their hands.  You know what else they hold in their hands?  Brilliance Award winning products from Optics Planet.

That’s right.  The 2009 Brilliance Awards are back.  This year Optics Planet wants to know about your favorite product.  Is there a certain rifle scope that helped you escape a hairy situation?  Maybe there was a red dot sight that helped you acquire your target before he or she acquired you.  We want to know.  Vote now for your favorite tactical (and non-tactical) product.  When you vote, you will be entered to win a $200 gift certificate from Optics Planet.  Use it to purchase your favorite life-saving products or your dream Brilliance Award winner.

This year, your voice is required to answer the questions on all tacticians’ minds:

What is the best Rifle Scope Brand of the year?  Nightforce, Leupold, Swarovski, Nikon, or Trijicon?

What is the best Red

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08 Oct

Fobus Mag Pouch

When it comes to magazine pouches, it can be hard to find just perfect size and shape to serve you in a broad array of activities.  Gun courses, undercover work, and live action are all scenarios in which fast, dependable pouches are a must.  OpticsPlanet carries not only Kydex holsters from Fobus, but their single mag pouches and double mag pouches.  Outfit the team with the best magazine holders available from Fobus Holsters.

Fobus mag pouches are some of the most affordable pistol mag pouches, and their strength and durability are quite often unmatched.  Having been designed for use in aircraft interiors, Kydex holds your magazines tight with Atlas-like support and security.  All of this power doesn’t mean that your Fobus mag pouch has to protrude from your tactical polo or body armor.  All of Fobus’ mag pouches and ammo pouches are sleek and low-profile for maximum concealability.  You can even take the practicality further by electing the Fobus magazine and flashlight pouch which holds more of the gear you need.    Fobus offers different tactical pouches and accessories pouches that take seconds away from your draw and consistently deliver a very clean presentation.

Why spend loads …

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07 Oct

5.11 Operator Belt

Customers just can’t get enough of the Operator Belt from 5.11 Tactical5-11 leads the industry in men’s and women’s apparel that is built to last.  It is only natural that they follow their colossal impact with such a solid tactical belt5.11 Tactical pants and 5.11 Tactical shirts have already placed the brand atop the many competing law enforcement apparel brands, and creating an outstanding 5.11 belt was simply meant to be.

The 1.75 inch 5.11 Operator Belt provides law enforcement, military, and fire professionals with the security and function they both need and deserve.  The tactical belt has a hardened steel buckle that has a 6000lb rating. Your off duty holster will feel like it is in a zero-gravity recliner the way it fits perfectly onto the belt.  The stitching and hardware is of an ultimate quality, and could even double as an emergency weapon when times are really tough.  Even with its simplistic design and stature, the 5.11 duty belt is fit for everyday law enforcement, SWAT, or military use. You won’t walk around all day hiking your gear up around your waist. It maintains shape, form, and fit, and also provides an extremely …

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06 Oct

Steiner Police Binoculars

Steiner binoculars are handcrafted to protect lands near and far.  Whether it’s a soldier stationed in Iraq or a law enforcement officer positioned on a dimly lit overpass, in their hands you will witness a Steiner creation.  If premium optical clarity and consistency is necessary, then a Steiner binocular is the answer.  Steiner Optik formulates their binoculars to fulfill specific needs.  Steiner marine binoculars, military binoculars, and safari binoculars cater to their respective fields.  When night falls and danger can strike at any moment, Steiner police binoculars are there to survey and protect.

The weather and elements are not always on your side, but Steiner binoculars can be.  Life-saving features like a waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof shell will have you saving money on your life insurance.  Unlike other binoculars, the law enforcement binoculars from Steiner are built based on a rugged, military design concept.  Covered in a black, rubber-armored shell, motion detection is protected like an endangered species.  Drop these rock-solid binoculars on the pavement, hit a bad guy with them; these binos stand up to the toughest conditions.  Thirty-six ounces is the minute weight that they take up, but their footprint is mighty.  One thing is …

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