11 Sep

Fobus Holster

Holsters come in almost every shape and size.  There are shoulder holsters, paddle holsters, gun holsters for crossdraw, glock holsters, tactical holsters, and much much more.  When living in a state that doesn’t allow open carry, your options are a bit restricted.  Fobus knows concealment and distinguishes itself from the competition with their innovation and adaptability, fulfilling the needs of the average consumer.  Their inside the pants holster grants extreme stealth while maintaining great form and function.  

Concealed holsters aren’t the first thing you think of when somebody mentions Fobus holsters.  Their unique Fobus Roto Holster rotates 360 degrees and adjust easily for cross-draw, bodyguard/driver, small-of-the-back, and strong-side carries. The patented locking adjustment allows the sidearm either a forward or rearward cant with a Proven Retention System constructed into the holster.  Such a feat is rarely accomplished, so clearly your mind gravitates to that Fobus holster in particular.  

Fobus Inside the Waistband holsters are the answer to the rhetorical question asking, “How does perfect retention feel?”  The inside the pant holster keeps the muzzle of the pistol from thrusting beneath the hemline, allowing the shortest shirt you own to still partake in aiding the …

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09 Sep

Burris XTR Tactical Rings

So you just spent good money on a soon-to-be-prized rifle scope, and it is time to look at rings and mounts.  Would you consider anything less than the best?  Is it okay to pinch a little bit on the rings to save up for a red dot sight to throw on top of your setup?  I think not.  Burris thinks the same and understands the need for the most supportive and reliable scope rings available.  Go ahead and rig up some department store riflescope rings with average nuts and bolts; only if you have a department store scope.  Those with superior riflescopes only associate themselves with superior rings.

Burris scope rings are born to give you rugged point-of-aim security matched with a featherweight body.  The rifle scope rings take the Burris name and uphold it with brute strength.  Taking the name XTR Xtreme Tactical Rings was clearly a deserved name, as these aluminum rings anchor scopes in place on any Picatinny rail or Weaver-style base to deliver unfailing return-to-zero.  Double up on dangerous by adding an additional sight like a Burris Fastfire by using Burris rings with a Picatinny top.  Soon you will be up to …

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04 Sep

ATN Night Scout Binoculars

ATN has successfully brought night vision into the lives of many military and law enforcement professionals, granting them 24 hours of crystal clear illuminated vision.  ATN Rifle Scopes, ATN Thermal Imaging, and ATN Red Dot Sights all bring justice to the night with “Smart” technology and the crisp glow of their Image Intensifier Tubes.  Their selection of night vision monoculars and night vision binoculars offer stunning all-glass optics and a price that will have the whole troop outfitted for less.  One binocular in particular takes Gen 1 nightvision to unforeseen levels.

1st generation is the most popular type of Night Vision in the world, and that doesn’t mean that the quality should stay at a predictable level.  Being on a slightly lower scale than 2nd generation and 3rd generation night vision, a 1st generation unit will amplify the existing light several thousand times letting you clearly see in the dark. The ATN Night Storm Binoculars give you true depth perception in an affordable unit.  You can feel the ATN night vision power in the weight of the unit, as this delivers some of the best Gen 1 night vision available in a night vision binocular.  

Raise …

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