31 Aug

Steiner Military Binoculars

For those that face dangerous environments day after day, there is a binocular that surpasses all expectations.  Bird watching is a great hobby that deserves a great pair of binoculars, and Steiner is at the optical forefront of that genre.  Still, for the utmost tactical of scenarios, there stands a specialized Steiner binocular that provides stunning visuals as well as accurate distancing for military and law enforcement applications.

The Steiner 10×42 Tactical binoculars have been developed to satisfy tacticians that thirst for a roof prism binocular just for them.  The new Mil Reticle Targeting System allows quicker and more accurate communications between personnel, eliminating the need for further gadgetry.  Steiner took their universal reticle that is comparable to other sport optics such as rifle scopes, and converted it to conform to their compact, rugged military binoculars with great 10x magnification.

With an exterior so stylish, one would wonder if the action under the hood is as equally astounding.  Of course, Steiner delivers with an unprecedented interference mirror technology that brings light transmission to new greater heights.  Image contrast and resolution are at the cusp of brilliance as Steiner military optics are designed to offer maximum broad-band light transmission …

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28 Aug

My 13-year old niece Amelia sends text messages to my wife. We have learned the shorthand of texting; “OMG” (Oh My God), “GG” (Gotta Go) and the like. If you have a teen or pre-teen in the house, you’re probably familiar with this. Now you, too can participate with your own “BFF”.

No, not “Best Friends Forever”, but “Bright Friggin’ Flashlight”.

I had been lamenting the demise of the Pentagon Molle Light, which worked well for me with it’s head at a 90 degree angle to the body, allowing me to set it down behind our personal fire hazard/home entertainment system to reroute wires, or to slip it into the PALS webbing on my MOLLE vest for hands-free use when I’m wandering around in the woods in the Great State of Tennessee.

I pulled out a product from our warehouse in response to a question from a customer, and had my first hands-on experience with the Tomahawk LE from First-Light USA. Within about 5 minutes of inserting the two supplied CR123A cells, everyone in the department was grabbing for this stumpy little gem. One feature (of many) that this unit has over my Pentagon MOLLE Light is that the Tomahawk …

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24 Aug

swarovski range finder

Covered with awards and accolades, Swarovski Optik is in high gear towards having the most treasured glass in the optic industry.  It was only natural that Swarovski applied their finely tuned construction to a vast number of sport optics.  Swarovski scopes are not only the benchmark for optical clarity in one single application, they reign over each and every mainstream outlet imaginable.  No matter the task or the leisure activity, Swarovski is the brand that supplies greatness in viewing.

Swarovski binoculars are the best binoculars for birding.  Backyards, meadows, nature paths, and even city parks have been the playground for which binoculars like the Swarovski 10×25 BP Pocket Binoculars experience nature to the fullest. Their flawless design is extremely handy and allows for ultimate portability. The compact binoculars can be folded to fit into any pocket will end up being the lightest pair you own. Plus, with Swarovski‘s insignia branded on the binos, you know that you are seeing the unseen.

The next time you are in South America and see a spotting scope along a frequented vista, take a second to look at the brand. You may be fortunate enough to be capturing the most vivid …

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18 Aug

Maglight Flashlight

OpticsPlanet is the place to find smart bargains, and on our Clearance page, you can find the best deals on your favorite products.  On any given day you can find binoculars, backpacks, red dots, rifle scopes, and lots more.  One particular deal shines bright among the savings, and this special is from Mag Instrument.

Without question, the Mag Charger Flashlight is an ultimate lighting tool. Refined and enhanced over many years of dedicated service, the Mag Charger Rechargable Flashlight System is chosen by professionals across the world.  A Maglite flashlight is always revered for its consistent performance and seemingly limitless features.  As household names, Maglite stacks on the performance, and OpticsPlanet delivers the value.  This Maglite rechargeable flashlight is absolutely stuffed with features, such as its self-cleaning rotary switch, corrosion resistant anodized interior, and highly polished metallic reflector that enables it to withstand extreme temperatures.  The flashlight from Mag Instrument has incredible throw and can switch to flood mode in an instant.  Maglites are full sized police flashlights that can double as an impact weapon in clutch circumstances, so know that this flashlite will be there when you need it.

Deals like this are hard …

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05 Aug

Nikon Spotting Scopes

Nikon, the world renowned manufacturer of binoculars and cameras, has taken their expertise to the world of spotting scopes and target shooting.  Marksmen need to have a steady eye to their targets, and Nikon spotting scopes go the distance.  Spotting scopes are commonly used to score targets at different distances, and the choice between brands is clear: Nikon is the trusted brand for sport optics

Spotting scopes for target shooting proves to be an objective purchase.  As streamlined as the decision can be, many shooters dwell on the subject of magnification.  Which is the better deal for 100 yard scoring?  How big of an objective lens in needed for 400 yards?  For shorter competitions, you do not need the best optics out there or lots of magnification. 18-36x is sufficient for this range, and the Nikon Spotter XL II works wonders here.

As magnification goes up, image clarity takes a downturn.  This is true for all spotting scopes, and you must pay to get premium optical quality.  When leaving the 100 yard region, this should be taken into consideration when selecting a scope.  To see high quality optics in action, observe how precisely the …

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04 Aug

Bushnell 22 Rimfire

Bushnell has long reigned as a dominant name in the optics industry.  Their products have been seen on many ranges and hunts.  When you deliver quality, it is easy to say that consumers will let the positives be known.  One Bushnell product has resonated throughout our customer reviews database, showing that it is making a difference to hunters and marksmen everywhere.  When thinking about a “go to” rifle scope, hundreds have chosen the Bushnell .22 Rimfire Rifle Scope to stay ahead of the game, consistently. 

Consider your expectations blown out of the water as you mount the Bushnell 22 Rimfire to your Marlin Glenfield 75 or Ruger 1022.  Sight this bad boy in at 50 yards and you can witness your shots group like none other.  Bushnell rifle scopes are hardened optics that will make you look twice at the price.  For almost the same price as a set of great rings, you can have a riflescope that will have you on a nonstop accuracy boost for plinking, varmint hunting, or just target practice.  The Rimfire 4×32 rifle scope works with a fixed zoom, and packs just as much optical power as the adjustable model.  Your Remington 552 …

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03 Aug

ATN Day/Night Scope

All true shooters have their ideal dream setup.  Whether it is a favored rifle scope, or even just a red dot sight that has never failed you; optics are remembered and cherished.  What happens when night falls and you refuse to hunt without your Leupold Mark IV or your Bushnell Trophy Rifle scope, or all you can get your hands on is the Burris TimberlineATN Day/Night setups are the answer.

ATN night vision provides the technology that gives the user full control over their gun setups by allowing the combination of daytime riflescopes such as the designs from Leupold or Swarovski, with a night vision unit like the ATN PS-22.  Available in 2nd Generation or 3rd Generation nightvision, the PS-22 from ATN is the easiest way to convert your scope, even on the fly.  Suitable for hunters, military marksmen, and law enforcement snipers, the addition of the device does not alter eye relief, sighting, or even clarity.   A night vision scope converter puts you in the driver’s seat for serious hunting at any time of the day.

To match your scope perfectly, you can use an ATN PS-22 Scope Mounting System

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