09 Jul

Working with conceal and carry is a one-way street.  Either your gun is concealed in a holster or it isn’t.  Having the outline of a gun sticking out of your ankle holster can be the recipe for detection, and possibly panic.  Fobus and their patented space-grade injected polymer rival conventional leather holsters holding on tight to your body or garment and staying under the radar. 

A perfect fit for a Ruger LCP or a Glock 26, the Fobus Evolution series ankle holster is very comfortable and stays put all day.  No matter what size tactical boots or style of jeans you are wearing, the Evolution holster is out of sight to the public.  It’s a high riding, snug fitting, low profile holster attached to a rubberized paddle for a precision feel.   No scuffle will be able to prematurely release your firearm, as the passive retension system enables a martial arts grip to monitor security.  This patented design is bundled with a tension adjustment screw that customizes the speed of the draw.  Finally you can adjust your pistol holster to fit your needs, and OpticsPlanet has them available to you.

OpticsPlanet has your Fobus holster paddle waiting in our holster section.  …

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02 Jul

Steiner 8x30 Binocular

Steiner binoculars feature many innovative designs and features.  Their binoculars were created to outperform the competition and remain your favorite travel companion.  One specific design spec has catapulted their Safari binoculars line to the forefront of travel optics.  The sun can be your best friend, or your worst enemy.  Unwanted glare and UV rays can put a damper on your long awaited vacation, and Steiner has the binocular that will prevent you from missing anything.

The new Steiner Safari Pro series block almost 100% of UV-A and UV-B light and reduce glare like the best sunglasses to project a smooth, comfortable viewing image that is easy to enjoy.  A Steiner Safari proves to be a professional in its industry, with its pro UV coating that is standard on all Steiner Safari Binoculars. This special technology enables you to see deer, elk, hawks, or any other subject far more clearly in tough light situations than with the naked eye. The optics reduce harmful UV radiation while providing maximum glassing comfort, leaving your eyes feeling relaxed and thankful.

One binocular that exhibits this technology at a premier level is the Steiner Safari 8×30.  The Steiner 8×30 sports a new ergonomic …

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