31 Mar

“You’re going to blog about THAT?”

I think it’s like the Three Stooges gene – you either have it, or you don’t. You either laugh with glee when the pies start flying, or you just can’t understand what’s so funny about three grown men slapping and hitting each other.

I have both the Three Stooges gene and the Cool Flashlight gene*. My wife has neither, so she is genetically incapable of understanding the attraction of Larry, Moe and Curly or the Streamlight Sidewinder. I would place this firmly in the “heywaitaminutewhatchagottherebuddy” territory at the airline security checkpoint. It doesn’t look like your average flashlight, because it’s not.

I was sort of sad to see the demise of PentagonLight, because of the neat little angle-head LED light they manufactured. The Streamlight Sidewinder will duplicate the angle-head feat, and do some additional tricks.

The Sidewinder is rectangular – making it pretty hard to lay it down and have it roll away. The surface is covered with a slightly raised ribbing, reminiscent of picatinny rail spacing. Starting at the base of the light, there is a knurled metal disk that is laser etched with the serial number of the unit and the …

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