18 Feb


The military and law enforcement professionals in the United States hold more than our liberty at stake.  Steiner, the renowned manufacturers of the world’s most sought after binoculars, understands the tactical demands that are brought to life by the honorable men and women who protect this country’s territorial integrity.  Steiner binoculars bring the most impeccable details, clearest optics, rugged construction, and the light-weight portability necessary to secure our freedoms.  Now you can protect your family with the same treasured mil-spec binoculars that are issued to the government’s most elite.

You sit nestled on an overpass, observing from an undetectable distance an approaching catastrophe.  Your trusted pair of Steiner 15×80 Commander Binoculars does not let you down one bit as you quickly pick up signals from your partner to lay down spike strips.  You successfully put to an end what could have been a deadly vehicular pursuit.  As you sheath your Steiner Binoculars, you say to yourself, no other time could call for a more superbly fashioned optical comrade.

Do not settle for anything less majestic than a Steiner binocular.  Steiner has ensured the military and law enforcement arenas that their Police Series and Military Series are …

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04 Feb

Okay, my divorce is assured. We now carry Maxpedition products.

“Your honor, the parties are claiming ‘irreconcileable employee discount’“.

I can probably sneak a couple in, based on my patented “Glock Theory” (if my wife doesn’t see two of them together, she thinks there’s only one), and then a couple more under the guise of “product testing”, but when I add the 92 products that we now carry (literally – and that doesn’t count color options) to the seven I already own, she’s going to suspect something. My wife is quick like that.

Four or five years ago, before I worked here, I ordered a product called the Fatboy from Maxpedition. At the time, I was reading a lot about the longhunters and early explorers, and was intrigued by the concept of the “possibles bag”, but I really didn’t want to wander around in the woods or ride the Metra train to work with a fringed leather shoulder bag.

A possibles bag, for those of you who aren’t muzzleloaders or history buffs, is a shoulder or belt bag that carries the gear you couldn’t live without, in the truest sense of the phrase. Powder, balls, a ball mold, …

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