08 Jan

Santa Claus came late to my house in 2008, but he delivered a greatly appreciated and unexpected present – the opportunity to blog here at Tactical Store.

I suppose that an introduction is in order. My name is Mark, youngest of three boys and born of a military family. My interest (obsession, if you ask my wife or close friends) with military and law enforcement equipment came pretty early on. My Dad was a World War 2 veteran, seeing action in the Philippines. My Mom found that a good way to keep me occupied for hours at a time was to let me page through the photo album of his service.

I was 5 years old in 1965, and my Dad had been out of the service for about 20 years. And in MY mind, he was Captain Balls, single handedly responsible for winning the war. I was fascinated by the things that I saw in that album – my Dad standing guard in basic training with an M1 Garand, my Dad kneeling in the jungle sporting a mohawk haircut and holding a monkey. I was still years away from appreciating the photographs of the topless locals or understanding the …

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