16 Jun

Surefire has some really exciting new LED flashlights for this year. Classics like the 6P flashlight have been updated with a new version, the Surefire 6PL LED flashlight. This model puts out more light (80 Lumens) than the original 6P, and has a far superior run time. This light, and the other new models that use the same LED, put out max power for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours vs. 1 hour for the original, and they also have diminishing, but usable, light levels for a total of 11 hours of run time. The P60L LED upgrade will be available shortly to convert your older xenon Surefire Flashlights to the new LED models. Surefire will also be releasing a P61L upgrade for a whopping 200 Lumens of light from a 2 cell LED flashlight.

Also expect some all-new Surefire Flashlights to be released this year, such as a more affordable aluminum version of last year’s Titan, and some state-of-the-art 400 Lumen LED flashlights.…

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06 Jun

Father’s Day is coming up and it’s the perfect time to get Dad a gadget that he may normally be unwilling to spoil himself with. A laser rangefinder is something that every Dad can use.

The ATN Ranger Eye laser rangefinder is a perfect tool for Dad. It’s precision optics combined with well manufactured parts, ensure that Dad will get the perfect distance measurements that he needs.

What can Dad use a ATN Ranger Eye range finder for? There a a ton of uses. If he’s a golfer, he’ll definitely want one of these. The ATN Ranger Eye is the perfect golf rangefinder.

It is also perfectly suited for hunting, archery and target shooting. If your Dad isn’t a weapon guy, he can also use this unit professionally. The ATN Ranger Eye is perfect for industrial uses, topographical uses and safety uses. If Dad is in the military, it has great tactical applications for use in the field.

Either way, your Dad will appreciate a new gadget, especially if it’s able to enrich his life in some way, whether that be professionally or in his hobbies.…

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