28 Dec
Let’s face it. There are always a few stragglers out there who miss the December 25th deadline for giving Christmas presents. Whether it was a shortage of cash, lack of time, or a simple matter or geographical separation, don’t worry– you’re not alone. As much as I’d like to console you stragglers by saying I am giving belated gifts myself this year, it would be a lie; however, I can admit to have done 98% of my Christmas shopping on December 24th! Alas, it’s true.

For those of you who find yourself in the “procrastinator” or “procrastinator with a good excuse” category this year, if you have a hunter on your Christmas gift list, listen up! Your tardiness may prove beneficial! cameras, making it perfect for capturing the often fleeting and fickle moments found in nature. With its amazingly malleable legs, the Gorilla Pod tripod steadies your camera for the perfect shot, whether wrapped around a tree branch, a pole, or perched on a jagged rock. And with all these contents secured in an indestrucable Pelican case, you can trapze through grass, woods, rain or shine, climb mountains, or kayak down whitewater rapids without so much as

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19 Dec

When it comes to the question of high-end two objective lenses, 50mm and 56mm. The 3.5-15 x 50 NXS was developed for use on military small arms and allows for a lower mounting profile while offering a practical magnification range and large field of view. It’s brother, the 3.5-15 x 56 NXS is the top choice for LE snipers; its large objective lense increases resolution and exit pupil size for optimal light performance in twilight conditions. The third military and LE long-range hunting scope is the Nightforce 5.5-22 x 56 NXS– the ultimate long range scope. This scope provides maximum clarity and resolution across the entire magnification range, while the wide magnification factor allows precision accuracy even at the longest ranges. For varmint shooting hunting, target shooting, and extreme long range, the Nightforce 12-42 x 56 NXS is the riflescope with the highest magnification available. With unsurpassed clarity across the entire magnification range, this scope provides optical resolution of the highest quality. No other scope can measure up to the stringent standards set by Nightforce riflescopes.

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04 Dec
As we sit cozily in our homes this year enjoying the holiday season with our loved ones and perhaps a nice cup of hot chocolate or eggnog, it is easy to forget about the troops serving in Iraq who do not have the privilege of being surrounded by family, friends, sounds of the season, decorations, holiday services, and Christmas gifts. For many people whose son, daughter, brother, sister, mother or father is currently deployed, however, the Christmas season may be missing its usual sense of joy as their loved one is absent from the picture, and concern for his safety and spirit dampen the holiday jollity.

At ical gear that our troops need– things as basic as clothing and thermal underwear! Check out these great gift ideas for US troops or regular civilians who have tactical gear on their wish lists! Visit the website AnySoldier to find out how you can give the tactical gifts soldiers need this year, or even just send a letter of encouragement and appreciation. We’re proud of our troops and encourage others to support them, especially during this season of giving when many of them cannot be with their family and friends.


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