25 Oct
Don’t you hate when you’re canoeing, and then you see a huge hairy spider in your canoe so you freak out and start jumping around, and then your uncle yells at you to sit down because you’re tipping the canoe, and in all the commotion your brand new iPhone falls out of the canoe into the water and is ruined forever!? Actually, that has never happened to me. Well– the part about canoeing and the big hairy spider happened, but at that time (early 90′s) iPhones did not exist. Even if they had, I’m sure my parents would never have let me have one. Alas, I’m guessing that horrific scenario has probably never happened to you either– but it could! And wouldn’t that be devastating!? Of course it would!

Luckily, nowadays there are iPhones that still permit for 100% total phone function, even while keeping your precious baby protected from everything else!

are truly amazing products, and I know because I have one. There is an Otter Box for every activity and purpose known to man, and each one comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee. Otter Boxes protect your valuables from the elements, wherever you are! They

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