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14 Jun

With the summer season among us, it is best to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. With that being said, the best way to prepare yourself for the blazing hot rays of the sun is to purchase the right tactical gear. In this specific instance there is one piece of gear that is vitally important to make your experience outdoors more enjoyable. No individual is complete without having a pair of tactical sunglasses. “Eye” really guarantee it!

No pun intended, I promise. Now the nice thing about tactical glasses is that there are a variety of different choices to choose from. So essentially whatever your heart desires in terms of eye wear is out there and for sale.

With the hot summer weather, I always make sure I have a piece of eye wear on to protect my eyes at all times. One of the best things about a pair of tactical sunglasses is that they can be stylish but also provide you with a great amount of protection. That sounds like a win/win situation, who doesn’t want to look good in a pair of tactical glasses and have a sense of safety while wearing them?…

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30 Dec

I’ll be the first to admit that i’m exposed to a ton of new tactical gadgetry almost on a weekly basis. After all these years, there’s only one weapon light that has withstood a hell of a beating and lived to fight another day.

streamlight tlr2

Now contrary to what a few industry authorities try to make you believe, lasers actually work very well at hitting your mark in the night. How do i know? Over this past Halloween, I took a trip down Texas to shoot the 2014 Walking Dead Multigun match. The event took place from 5pm till 5am and everything was shot in the dark. Needless to say , I had the Streamlight TLR2 on every one of my guns.


streamlight tlr2 2


While i’m not kicking in doors as an LEO or in the military, this light was more than capable of handling my 24 hour onslaught of wipping my rifle, pistol and shotgun into barrels and banging into pretty much everything else.


streamlight tlr2-3


Sure I could talk about all of the complex specifics of what makes this an outstanding choice for a weaponlight but i’m not going to do that. What I can tell you is that …

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24 Dec

blackhawk breaching

Whether you’re looking for a new pair of tactical pants or need a new level 3 duty holster, Blackhawk has a little something for just about everyone.

Speaking of tactical pants, its worth noting that BLACKHAWK makes by far one of the best all around “tactical” trousers on the market. What makes them so great? For starters, the butt section and knee area double layered for extra strength in those high wear spots. Along with top notch YKK zippers and a gusseted crotch for increased mobility, the expanding waistband is a big plus for those times when one double cheeseburger isn’t enough.


It’s a known fact that a solid pair of pants is only as good as the belt to hold them up. Luckily BLACKHAWK makes an excellent stiff belt. I personally own this CQB Riggers belt and can attest to its pure awesomeness. I used this belt quite often for IDPA pistol competitions and even was crazy enough to try a little repelling by attaching a carabiner to the belts v-hook. (Which i dont recommend unless you know what you’re doing)


I could probably sit here all day and go over all of the great products …

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08 Dec


New to competitive rifle shooting? Tight on cash but still want high quality? You’re not alone. With the unprecedented growth of the sport of 3-gun, now more than ever has the demand for an affordable 1-4x riflescope been so profound.

Lucky for anyone on a shooting budget (myself), Nikon has just the answer for your budget competitive shooting needs. The M-223 series of riflescopes is designed from the ground up to jive with the 223 cartridge like peanut butter and jelly, hence the name. While you wouldn’t want to use some of the other scopes in the line such as their 2-8 or 4-16 in the sport of three gun, the 1-4x20mm is about as ideal as you could ask for.

I’m not one to get overly excited about riflescopes but I’ll tell you right now, this scope is unlike anything you’re going to find especially for under $200. Yeah that’s right, with Nikon’s instant $110 rebate on this scope, you’ll get it for a nice 180 clams.


>>>>>>>>Get the deal here<<<<<<<<

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01 Oct

Now that the AR-15 platform is the most popular firearm in the United States, it’s safe to say that there’s quite a lot of variety with the weapon system. If you’re as crazy about guns as me, then you’ve seen everything from 9mm AR pistols to 50 bmg bolt action uppers and a whole lot of wild calibers in between. The may not have been what Eugene Stoner had in mind when he designed the rifle but rest assured you’re guaranteed to buy or build one to your liking.

Regardless of what setup you go with, there’s a ton of different parts and accessories from pistol grips to adjustable gas blocks. Given enough time, this information overload is likely to make your head spin. Luckily for you, when it comes to an optic for your modern sporting rifle, Bushnell has you covered.

What would I put on my new AR weapon system? Funny you should ask, I’ve taken a liking to Bushnell’s scopes and here are my picks:

If you live in a state where you can hunt with your AR, the Bushnell AR Optics 3-9x40mm is the premier choice.

Are you thinking about trying your hand at 3-Gun??? Bushnell …

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30 Jun

I’m a firm believer of the concept “the best gun is the one that you have on you”. People can argue until they’re blue in the face about what the best caliber is, but if you don’t have that 454 Casull wheel gun on you then it really doesn’t matter how great the ballistics are. The same thing holds true for the guns in your home. You may have the best home defense weapon setup ever made but if it takes you 20 minutes to get into your safe then does it really matter?

The answer to the question above is NO and I’m pretty sure the folks over at Barska understand this concept wholeheartedly. I say that because they make some of the fastest opening safes on the market.  How fast you say? Well thanks to their biometric scanning opening mechanisms, you’re only seconds away from getting to your weapons.

Call me crazy but I also think the hardest safe for a thief to break into is the one he never finds. That’s where this Biometric Wall Safe from Barska truly excels at. It is the perfect size to fit a nice collection of pistols, including the hand cannon …

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05 Jun

I know from experience that having a light on your weapon is a complete and total game changer in no light or low light conditions. I’ve been lucky enough to never have fired at anyone but close calls have reinforced my strong preference for a weapon light. With all things considered: budget, size, weight and quality, the only clear choice for me was a Streamlight TLR series light. If you’ve read my other posts, then you know I’m a fan of having options and adding a green laser sight to an already amazing weapon light is about as good as it gets.


The Streamlight TLR-4G in all fairness is a Streamlight TLR-3 with a ultra bright green laser sight slapped on the bottom. What is nice about this is that you have the same easy to operate light and nearly bulletproof housing but you also get the added advantage of a laser. The addition of the laser only adds a slight bulge under the light and mere grams to the already lightweight package.


Why should you have a laser and why a green one at that? Many people fail to realize the pure fact that when it …

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02 Apr

Whether you’re plinking cans from a distance or varmint hunting, choosing the right scope for your rimfire rifle is crucial.  Unfortunately, many people do not take the 22LR cartridge seriously. I’m here to tell you that the 22lr is just as dangerous as other centerfire calibers. You should treat a rimfire rifle the same way you would a center fire rifle. This means if you would buy a quality optics for a larger caliber rifle, you should do the same for your new 22lr.


If you just picked up one of the new Tactical 22′s that have been hitting the market, the Nikon p-22 2-7X32MM will fit perfectly on your new flat top carbine. I am personally looking forward to picking this scope up for my ISSC MK22 FN SCAR 22lr carbine. With the exposed turrets and BDC reticle, this scope allows me to push the 22 cartridge farther than it has been pushed before.

Don’t worry – I haven’t forget about you varmint hunters out there. The Nikon ProStaff Rimfire 3-9X40mm feels right at home on the tried and true Ruger 10/22 rifle. Sporting a huge objective lens, this scope will perform well in those early moring/dusk varmint …

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04 Sep

You’re probably not going to feel sorry for me, but the biggest issue I face here is having all this cool stuff in front of me 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.  If it’s not something I’m researching to answer a customer’s question, someone from purchasing or marketing brings something up that leads me straight to another item that I didn’t realize I needed until that moment.   It’s hell, let me tell you.

For example, Hogue entered the field of knives, and we, being a Hogue retailer, added them to our site.  I received the notification from purchasing, and I looked them up online.

Dang, that’s one nice looking knife!  I have a thing for drop-point fixed blades, and the photos of the Hogue EX-F01 made me all tingly.  Made in the U.S.A, too.  Because I have the strength of ten men, because my heart is pure (cough) I was able to shake it off and go on about my business here.

First I received a spec sheet.  Just a single page.  With a photo.  A color photo.  The seed that had been planted by looking at the Hogue website had now germinated.

Shortly thereafter, we received …

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16 Aug

While we don’t carry everything (and we’re working on that), one particular brand that I have been forced to purchase from competitors is now available right here at Tactical Store. Magpul has arrived.

Someone out there may have just come out of a coma, is asking if Reagan is still President (sadly, no) and doesn’t know about Magpul. Magpul Industries Corporation was founded in 1999 by Richard M. Fitzpatrick. As A Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, Richard had first hand experience with what worked and what could use improving.

Magpul’s first product, introduced in 1999 was designed to assist with – well, pulling your magazine, hence the name “Magpul”. For years, soldiers have rigged tape and paracord at the base of their magazines to facilitate easy removal from a pouch or vest. Building on the success of that product, over the years Magpul has designed and released several products – followers, magazines, stocks, fore ends… even complete firearms – the Masada and Massoud, concepts such as the PDR and FMG-9 and acted as consultants for the TDI Kriss.

Magpul has some incredibly talented designers and engineers on their staff, and evidence of this is seen in their Theory …

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